Can't access Shelley Ledger Wallet with recovery phrase

Good day,

So just some brief history; I had a Byron wallet on Yoroi that I used with my nano ledger. I did the shelley update and all my ADA’s were transferred to the new Shelley wallet. After the ledger breach I decided to create a new wallet, move all my ADA and use my ledger there instead. So I did that, restarted my ledger and moved all my ADA except 10 who reemained in the old wallet since I had some staking rewards I was waiting on.

Now, the rewards have arrived. And since I can’t use my ledger with that wallet anymore since I restarted it and are currently using it on another wallet I used my recovery phrase. And when I do that I come to a completely different wallet, which have no transaction history or any activity at all. So my question is how do I get the remaining 200 ADA’s from that old wallet over to the new one?

This is the wallet adress of the old one:

If some additional information is needed I will provide it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, that is a problem. The 24-word mnemonic for Ledger is not compatible with the mnemonic used by Daedalus/Yoroi. They use different elliptic curve algorithms. The details of which I’d have to dig up, but it doesn’t matter too much in this context.

You’ll have to reset your ledger to the original state (provided you still got that mnemonic) and clear your old wallet with that Ledger state. When done, you can reset your Ledger again with your current mnemonic.


I did what you said and it solved the problem. Thanks for helping me!

UR welcome