Can't change my delegation and can't undelegate

Problem 1: I can’t change stake pools as I’ve got a message saying that none of my wallets have the minimum 10 ADA required for delegation. Of course, as I have delegated 100% of my ADA! Unless there is a quota for changing pools that I am not aware of?
I am now stuck with a pool that seems to have gone offline.

Problem 2: I can’t undelegate neither and get an error message every time I type in my spending password…

Anyone knows a workaround for these issues?

did you already try to restore your rewards wallet with your seed?

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Its a bit of a pain in the neck (I have had to do it 3 times so far), but it seems to work:

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Thanks for taking the time to reply guys.

@Zyroxa I can’t restore a wallet that is already existing…
@erikd Thank you this solution worked after a while! I didn’t realise that the fact that my rewards wallets were all to 0 prevented me from changing pools! I feel so stupid haha

The rewards wallet going to zero when you change pools is actually a bug that hopefully will be fixed soon.

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