Hello looking for help or ideas on daedalus test net

I had my stake delegated to iohk3. I went to undelegate but got an error code. I deleted wallet and all files did a fresh install of test net 2.0.1. Now 0 ada balance in rewards and shows undelagated and 0 ada in balance wallet. I tried restoring my wallet on a different machine that has other wallets staking correctly, same problem. my last transaction shows the ada sent to iohk3 stake pool.

Was it a delegation or maybe a transfer? And also if you delegate why to IOHK? Their pools are more then saturated - that means less gains. Choosing a non saturated pool might be more effective.

try to delegate again - and once you get new rewards the recent ones will be shown as well. or need to wait for a new epoch to able to see the changes on your balance.

Thank you I got things working now user error

Thanks got it working user error. I also went with a new small pool.

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