Can't Find next version of Shelley Testnet

About a month ago, I downloaded the Daedalus Shelley Testnet (1.1.0-STN#13418) and saw my rewards.

Last night, I tried to open up the Testnet - and a red screen appeared, and required me to download the latest version - as of July 17, 2020 - (Daedalus Shelley Testnet 1.3.0-STN2) by following a link -

However, when I follow the link, the Windows version of the testnet is labeled “Version 1.1.0-STN1”

Also, when I click the download button to save the executable, the executable is labeled “daedalus-1.1.0STN1-shelley_testnet-13418.exe”

Where is “Daedalus Shelley Testnet 1.3.0-STN2”?

It pays to be cautious with so many scams going on.

You need to wait for the next mainnet Daedalus release, due any time now, that will allow testnet rewards checking.

Edit: “either Sunday evening UTC or Monday morning”.

Thanks RobJF

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