Can't send my ADA from Exodus

Guys, I need help with this problem, I have struggled with sending out my ADA from Exodus wallet.

I have 4800 ADA in my Exodus, but when I try to send them it only allows me to send 0.77 ADA and I get this message saying “Transaction amount is too small to send”

And there is a 2nd massage that says “Needed for holding ADA native tokens:1.666665ADA”

I don’t know what this Native Token is and where I get them, please help me with this. I try refreshing the network and I still failed.

This is my ADA Exodus wallet address: addr1qx28rqaqf6ktym79nhfqu0es5l059q2a3q4fsja9esug3sy5wxp6qn4vkfhut8wjpclnpf7lg2q4mzp2np96tnpc3rqqj4m9sh

And this is the Screenshot of the error message

EXODUS 22.10.22 2022-10-31 13.49.10


These are your native assets



For the transfer issue did u contact the exodus support team? Did u try to restore the wallet on another device?



Hello, Yes I did contact Exodus support 8 days ago, they said they are aware of this problem and they’re working on it, here is the screenshot


Then, at the moment, it’s best to wait for them.

Upside: Your ADA, SUNDAE, and DRIP are quite safe on the blockchain. Exodus does not seem to have any backdoors and they can only be moved with the keys derived from your seed that only you know.

Downside: With the usual Cardano wallet apps, they all use compatible methods of deriving keys from seeds. If one has a problem, you can always use another one (and we can navigate you through smaller incompatibilities). Exodus uses a totally different (and honestly very strange) method of deriving keys. So, you cannot just switch to another app. (There was one doing the same method, but it vanished some weeks ago.)

That’s why waiting for them is the best option at the moment.

(Even if they completely go out of business, it’s not all lost. We could write some tool to extract the funds from there, but it would be kind of complicated.)


Have the same problem. Have written an email to the Exodus team. Not sure when it will get resolved.

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Thanks for the help, I Hope Exodus will solve this problem.

Yeah , seems like this happened to many Exodus users , let’s wait , I think they’ll fix this soon

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Guys, I received an email from the Exodus team, they said the problem is fixed for Mobile wallets, and they working on the Decktop wallet at the moment, if you guys using the Decktop wallet and urgently want to send your ADA you can download the Mobile wallet and you should be fine,

I decided to wait for the desktop version to be fixed I think it won’t take too long.

Hope this information helped you guys

There is a minimum amount that can be held at a UTxO, see I guess you have at least one cardano-native token in your wallet, perhaps you traded for one? Seek help from Exodus in any ways.

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Hi, I have the same problem since many weeks now and it is still unsolved. What about you guys? Is it already working for you?