Cardano / ADA Moniker... is it Digital Platinum?

What would be a good moniker for Cardano/ADA? This question is based on a video posted by one of our community members, Philipe on his awesome youtube channel
( I just wanted to share my thoughts on the topic and solicit more input from the community.

As Philipe pointed out in his video, BitCoin is known as 'Digital Gold", and I think there is little doubt how powerful this has become as a brand/moniker. It’s relatable to the masses and its a conversation starter.
Nonetheless, when I think of Cardano/ADA, my mind runs to platinum…

(1) Platinum requires very little maintenance, as it is corrosion resistant and does not tarnish. It is also less malleable than gold. This is exactly what we anticipate for Cardano… a stable(little maintenance), fault resistant(corrosion free) , secure (un tarnishable) and underpinned with a solid governance structure (less malleable than bitcoin and its forks)
(2) Platinum is the most precious of metals, due to its stunning appearance and superior durability it commands more value/price - thats what we anticipate for ADA in few years.
(3) And finally, Platinum is a naturally lustrous element, and its hypoallergenic status makes it highly sought after.

I would therefore, recommend the moniker: “Digital Platinum”.
Cardano or ADA is Digital Platinum.

Please share your thoughts on this.


I like it! Platinum is also very useful in industry.

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You are absolutely correct!
Here is a cool info-graphic on the “use-cases” for Platinum.
Platinum UseCases

I think there will be as many use-cases for Cadano/ADA making it worthy of the moniker… Digital Platinum

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Digital platinum sounds good, but it is still like gold. It’s valuable because people want to hold it not because they actually need it do anything.

ADA I think is the Digital Black Gold. It’s the future fuel of the world’s financial system and also of distributed and decentralized applications.

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Black Gold (oil) is applicable…I was even thinking about it one day being like digital copper.

But platinum definitely has a better ring to it and according to the info-graphic on the link only 35% is used in jewelry and 6% used for investment the rest for various industrial uses (automotive #1) which surprised me.

I was surprised at how vital it is to cutting emissions waste and extending milage, and it’s feature in electric car fuel cells. So looks like Platinum is a big factor in a greener/cleaner environment.

Hmm… one could argue that Cardano/ADA has a similar “green-enviro” impact by the way it leverages PoS (Ouroboros) vs Digital Gold and Ethereum’s PoW protocols.

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Black Gold… definitely a lot of impact with that name.

Platinum does have a few interesting use-cases beyond jewels…
Platinum UseCases

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I was thinking about Cardano’s initial play (value chain optimization) within the Ethiopian (and by default Africa’s) agriculture sector - this would include provenance of fertilizer inputs which are essential not just in Ethiopia but the entire global food chain.

Also, its estimated that over 190 Million metric tonnes of fertilizer is used annually to grow food to feed our species, and Platinum is used in synthesizing real “Black gold” (crude oil) into fertilizer.

Yep… I’m going to be adding physical platinum to my growing Digital Platinum (ADA) holdings.

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Wow! I didn’t know that platinum is used so much. I only knew about the platinum wire test that my Chemistry professor made us do in the Chemistry lab when I was in college! :smiley:

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