Cardano (Ada) predicted to have highest % gains in 2018

Not sure who these “experts” are per se, but interesting opinions on the top 8 coins. Cardano was picked to have the greatest price appreciation.

“In January, our panelists forecast Cardano (ADA) will see the greatest increase (433.17% on average), followed by Stellar Lumens (126.32%). Litecoin, on the other hand, is expected to be the only coin to decrease in value over the next month, down by 2%. However, by the end of 2018, our panelists predict that Litecoin will recover with an increase in value of 24.14%. Verge is the only coin out of all 8 expected to decrease in price by the end of the year (-37.99%).”

Their chart shows Ada picked to be $68 Dec 2018.

$68 is too overvalued. Under the current circulating supply, it would be 1.7 trillion market cap, which is 7 times current Bitcoin’s market cap. My guess would be a price range from $4 to $9 at the end of this year.


I agree, the $1 Trillion market cap for Cardano alone while doable doesn’t seem likely by the end of 2018 unless we get some SERIOUS traction and some nice regulatory wins. I do agree with the slightly more middle of the road $4 price targe though.


Exactly. People forget that Ada/Cardano is targeting integration with legacy currencies. This necessarily means regulatory approvals. We may not get these in the USA at first as much as I’d like to, but in smaller countries or countries with outdated banking standards, migrating to Ada, once they’ve been properly introduced to its benefits, should really be a no-brainer, sort of like investing in solar panels in southern California or Colorado.

Cardano is making a massive bet. It will take nothing short of a miracle to accomplish it, despite the sound technical foundations it rests on. It has the potential to truly transform the world’s currencies, and the only way that’s going to happen anywhere is top down - they have to have buy in from leadership, central banks, all the way down to the common man. They are and will be under a public microscope for quite a while.

I certainly hope they succeed.


I agree with everyone that $68 is very optimistic. Cardano is still bootstrapping!

I don’t think traditional financial entities will explore integrating with Cardano until Shelley has launched and stabilized. Then they’d have to develop and test services. It might end up looking like early 2019 for legacy finance.

That said, I think there are a lot of other things Cardano can launch this year. $4-9 sounds right.

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I agree, and do believe it is extremely unlikly for it to go to $15.00 this year let alone $68.00. However, with these exchanges overwhelmed like they are anything is possible. I heard Binance signed up 240,000 new account in 1 day!