Cardano Ambassadors .... How many girls, women, ladies, princesses and queens


What is the percentage of (girls, woman, ladies, princesses) in the Ambassadors group ?

Just wandering…


I think its nil. Could be wrong though as you can chose to remain anonymous as an ambassador.


I’m a princess, so there’s at least one.

EDIT: I’m not actually an ambassador.

Or a princess.

But I’d like to be one some day.


You are not even an Ambassador!!! I am trying to have some adult conversation here. Could you please avoid this kind of nonsense ? Your homosexuality do not interest me. As I told you before STOP contacting me! JESUS!!!



Well, this escalated quickly. :laughing:

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so all you think about are ladies :kissing_heart:

Guys I think the point @anon32474092 was trying to make is gender equality and generally the need for diversity.

It all depends on what Ambassador means for Cardano. I see everyone has a different interpretation what such a title actually means and what is expected from it.

On one side of the spectrum I hear “it’s just a tag on the Forum profile”, on the other side of the spectrum I hear “we represent the Cardano Community” & “work on many serious & big topics in the background”.

You have to align expectations to the role and the title should also fit the role.

This is why many of us collide as our interpretation of the role lies in different points of the spectrum.