Cardano Australia members tax reporting and SMSF questions

Dear Australian admins/Aussies

I use the name BarneyStinson on TG.

Can the Perth staking team, (SAND stakeing Pool) & The Queenslander (ADAOZ stakeing Pool) please contact me?

Thanks to Telegram bots I have been prevented in participating to discussions in the Telegram group for Cardano Australia and the rest of Telegram with two accounts.

I am however able to reply to DMs in it when a Telegram “user” sends me one. 98 times of 100 DMs on Telegram is a scam

I will need to set up new Telegram accounts in a few weeks but this will take some time.

Such Telegram problems show how happy Telegram are in having less staff to assist with fighting of scammers and helping us.

They should know that I am on record of generating awareness in fighting, hunting and reporting of scam profiles on their platform (For 16 months) but they are too cheap to put stuff on with this trouble they are helping to fuel. and too lazy to establish direct communication with admins from ALL the Crypto communities active on their platform.

Pavel Durov is one lazy CEO to get this important problem fixed instead focuses on useless political and privacy secuity codeing updates he often only talks about in his Telegram channel, t/me/PavelDurovs

I would be interested in Australian SMSF members who have any recommendations on Cardano friendly Accountants and Auditors as I am being threatened with my fund being NON COMPLIANT because I am not using a custodial service to supply the value and staking rewards reports.
I am simply supplying the on chain records as a spreadsheet, and because the accountant and auditor are not familiar with blockchain, my records are not being accepted.
The process followed by other Australian SMSF holders who have resolved this issue would help and any other advice would be really appreciated, particularly if you can provide links to ATO documents and / or rulings which may influence my accountant and auditor.