Cardano Builders

Welcome Cardano Builders!

We are a group of fellow builders and people who want to build on Cardano. We host virtual spaces where people come together to inform each other about what we’re building, celebrate our wins, keep each other accountable, and provide support and actionable advice.

Builders at all levels are welcome: From people with “just ideas” to people that are looking to get their next million users to their decentralized application.

The first virtual Check-In will be on Monday, July 18, 2022 at 2 pm UTC.


Here’s a short recap of our first meeting.
Check-In 000 had five participants.

After some small-talk, I introduced the purpose of the group and proposed a format.
That portion was recorded and can be viewed here: Cardano Builders Check-In 000 - YouTube.
A few slides helped with explaining the format.

Then, Jonathan, Filip, and Stephen shared:

  • their 30s pitch
  • recent accomplishments
  • what’s next
  • what they need help with

Here’s a screenshot when Filip started sharing.

What is actually being said at these meetings is kept confidential between the participants.
If you want to know what’s going on, join us for our next meeting in two weeks.

After the check-in part, we started talking about some higher level topics, so the 60 minutes allocated for the first meeting was not sufficient and we called it at the 80 minute mark.
The early feedback has been positive and we hope to see more fellow builders for Check-In 001.


Hey @manonthemat,
I love the idea behind this meetup group, a space where builders come together and share their experiences!
I’m happy to see your first meeting was a success.
Keep up the excellent work :muscle:


It appears that the meetup event site had truncated the jitsi link for some, but Check-In 001 still had six participants - a stepwise upgrade.

Here’s the public portion with an update and Q&A on the just-launched - the first dispute resolution platform on Cardano.

Going forward, if participants are willing, we will have one project’s Q&A session as part of the recording. A discussion is currently ongoing on the meetup page.


Cardano Builders is an exceptional space where participants share their ideas, even and specially if they are just that: Ideas.

I presented “Balance” at the Cardano Builders, an idea which I have since the early funding cycles, perhaps fund 3, and more that searching to be funded in a specific round of funding it is a call to the whole Cardano Ecosystem to think life balance while we together build Cardano, so less participant’s turn over, incentive creativity, triggers productivity and happiness.

Cardano Builders’ vision triggers participants to open up and present specially if the idea is not ready to be part of a funding round. A 30” elevator pitch, followed with what is needed to help make the idea a reality, the recommendations and the support from the team makes this space a unique medium for idea development, adoption and Catalyst community involvement.

The “Balance” idea presentation recording is available upon request, and presented in spanish at the LATAM Town Hall this past July 28 is here Balance y Salud en Cardano - YouTube

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Thank you very much for your kind words, Juan.

We switched the cadence to a weekly check-in. ate some discussions, so the memo didn’t reach everyone - so today we were 4. After our updates, we also had a discussion on the importance of proper documentation for developers as a foundation to build things that people can use. After 90 minutes, however, I had to end the meeting due to another meeting. Nonetheless, these check-ins appear to be of great value to the participants - as Juan eloquently put into words above.

Next week, we’ll have James from Gimbalabs provide a public update.

Here’s the recording of today’s public part:

And a screenshot:

Today’s session was marked by the public check-in by Gimbalabs’ James: Cardano Builders Check-In 003 - YouTube

We had 8 participants today, so we made use of Jitsi’s breakout room capability for the first time to give project updates in private.

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