Cardano Ecosystem News - July 2021 - from Cardano 360 Update

These are the main news from July 2021 Cardano 360 Update, which you can watch as a video in full version and the mini version will be available soon.

1 . Global Cardano 2021 Summit Goguen Edition

In addition to the summit in Wyoming - there will be a mix of virtual and live events from around the world over two days.

You can register now at

Answer “Yes” to the question “Would you be interested in attending a local community meet up?” and you will have a number of cities organised by the continent.

These cities are:

AFRICA (4): Accra, Addis, Cape Town, Kigali

ASIA (10): Abu Dhabi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Teheran, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar,

AUSTRALIA (1): Sydney

EUROPE (6): Athens, Berlin, Kyiv, London, Tbilisi, Zurich

NORTH AMERICA (11): Wyoming, Austin, Havana, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Port-au-prince, San Salvador, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Vancouver

SOUTH AMERICA (6): Asuncion, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Rio De Janeiro, Santiago

So hopefully you will find one of the locations suitable for the offline networking. And we’ll do our best to make a great event in Kyiv (Ukraine).

2 . Alonzo White Phase (We are currently there)

Alonzo blue was already successfully completed.

Latest progress on the Alonzo rollout was shared by Kevin Hammond, Nigel Hemsley, and Dimitris Poulopoulos.

  • Extending Cardano architecture
  • Wallet backend integration coming next
  • Rosetta API, DB Sync, Explorer, Graph QL integration will extend Alonzo White capability further
  • More exercises to support testing
  • Now bringing exchanges on board
  • Partners building DApps locally
  • Scaling support network for more users
  • Community helping write & improve documentation, and offer support
  • Building out network analytics

After White phase will be Alonzo Purple.

3 . Lars Brünjes gave an update on education team activity including Plutus Pioneers, new university collab and Mastering Cardano book.

More than 2000 students in Plutus Pioneers cohort.

4 . ​​Introducing to cFund’s David Roebuck, from Wave Financial

cFund already invested into 2 projects:

Occam defi:


5 . The Cardano Foundation on the new Dev Portal with Tommy Kammerer, and Clark Alesna

You can check out the Cardano Developers Portal: Cardano Developer Portal

6 . News from Africa with John O’Connorand Carlos Vargas-Montero

Learn more about Cardano in Africa:

7 . Excerpt from an interview with Micky, CEO of World Mobile with John O’Connor and Charles Hoskinson

Watch the full Interview with World Mobile:

8 . Report on growth in the Cardano Community with Ben O’Hanlon, Lenna Onto and Matthew Capps

9 . Project Catalyst Update with Dor Garbash 1

More than 32,500 wallets registered to vote in Fund5

3.2 billion ADA in voting power

Fund6 will be $4 million

10 . Introducing some of the latest projects to be awarded funds from Project Catalyst

WADA, The West African Decentralized Alliance:

NFT-DAO NFT metadata standards:


Cardano adoption in D.R.C: Community

The Great Filter: Community

A Cardano-based marketplace: Community

Cardano China Info Hub: Community



Thanks for reading. If you delegate or plan to delegate your ADA - you can use my link and Everstake SPO will share some profits with me (which I will use for promoting Cardano locally and globally). The process is very easy, but just in case - there is a video explanation.

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As is well known, we are a collective of artists from poor communities, we have a project for the education of children and teenagers through digital inclusion and preparation to earn monetary values ​​by playing in the block chain when they were young. We intended to do it through Axie Infinity, but as we are cardanists, as soon as we discovered PlayerMint, we decided to wait to start the social project within our cardan mada. Can someone help us by indicating in Portuguese where the game is standing? How can we wait among the first in the queue? We have a few ADAS for that. Someone from our Pov. to help? Thanks in advance…