Cardano entity competition | Follow up with Nicolás Arqueros

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This video is a follow up to my previous video, Entity competition in Cardano x Future IOG prediction. Slight technicality in previous video. Ken Kodama is the Founder of Brandmark, NOT the CEO. Nicolás Arqueros is the CEO of Brandmark.



Thanks Philipa and Nico!

Great interview. I am very satisfied with Nico’s explanations.

Philipa regarding your concern with predatory rates for micro loans. I think DeFi will help brings rates down tremendously for borrowers. Right now there is probably an imbalance between supply and demand for those types of loans resulting in high rates. DeFi will allow direct loans between crypto holders looking for returns and loan recipients resulting in much more liquidity and ultimately lower rates for those types of loans. When you throw in verifiable blockchain based supply chain management for the loan recipients where the lender can get information on what the farmer is spending money on and his crop yields it will further reduce risk and lower rates even more.

I am glad to see Emurgo going after business and driving adoption. The world is a big place and it makes a lot of sense for Emurgo to have in house capabilities to help partners develop solutions.

The interview made me remember the Venture Capital connections that Emurgo has made. Looking forward to seeing what will come from it…

Links on some of that:

Pretty exciting regarding the Relationship with Ergo as well. In a sense they are using it as a test-bed for new ideas. The oracle solutions they are developing will add a lot of value to our ecosystem in my opinion.

Link on that here:

Again my thanks for the opportunity to get more details on Emurgo’s plans.

Great interview, thanks to both

One of the challenges we have in this space is it’s mantra to be a ‘trustless’ system (so that we’re not dependent on some silo system that can control you).
That being said, i think human nature is such that we want/need to know who we’re dealing with (the amount varies for different people), but with so many scams/cash grabs in desperate times, the ability to communicate with business leaders/developers who are designing the system we will adopt, will help to grow this/our business, being available to answer these questions, builds trust.
Thanks again Nico and Philippe