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Onko täälä suomaisia Cardanosta kiinnostuneita mukana? onko Suomessa kokoontumisia tms suunnittelilla?

@Jorma Hei! Olisimme erittäin innokkaita auttamaan kokoontumisessa ja saada yksi aloitettu.

Olisiko Helsinki paras paikka aloittaa?

PS Using Google translate so please excuse any errors! :slight_smile:

Maybe you folks could just switch to English.

Would be very helpful for the 8 billion minus 5 million non-Finnish speaking forum members.

Thank you very much.

Best regards from 0:1 country Ger-Money,


Idea using finnish is to able people in Finnland who dont know much English to be apple to have a channell where they could get information about ADA easily… me for starters… theres lots off words for me hard to understand… perhaps we could try transelating intresting parts off communication in English, if there will be something happening in this forum…

Thanks for your offer, iam sure it would be appreciated… see if things start coming together… Helsinki would probably be the best place to organize a meeting… I personally live in Tampere and dont have experience in arraging meetupps but will give my best help if we get something going

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I am Philip, Luckily was in ADA from November and based in Helsinki, Any meet up organised yet? We could arrange via the meet up app. I am ready and available to contribute organise a meet up.


Looking also for like minded Cardano enthusiast here in the capital area for a get together.

Niin, jos täällä on aikeita järkätä tapaamista, niin mukana ollaan :slight_smile:

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You only have to know two English words, BUY CARDANO