Cardano Foundation’s communiqué on staking, delegation and pledging on Shelley Mainnet

Dear Cardano Community,

With the Shelley Mainnet rollout commencing soon, the Cardano Foundation, hereby, informs the following on its position on staking, delegation and pledging:

“The Cardano Foundation will not run any stake pools on Shelley Mainnet. It will, however, delegate to stake pools being run by the ecosystem and its community members. As such, since the Foundation is not running any stake pools, it will, therefore, not pledge and enter into any kind of partnership with stake pool operators. The Cardano Foundation aims to manage its delegation preferences by allocating to stake pools to achieve optimal rewards and to support the best-run stake pools in the community. This is in line with promoting optimal decentralization and stability of the network. The Cardano Foundation may change and adjust its delegation preferences over time to reach this objective.”

We hope this provides clarity. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further comments or questions.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Community Management Team


Good to see you guys made the stance clear and transparency on the issue.


About transparency: Will there be a public list of pools that CF delegated to? Maybe with a short summary why that pool was chosen?


I think this is the least they can do for real transparency. CF represents the community and should keep us informed.