Cardano Governance Japan Workshop March 16th [Hosted by Adam/Sponsored by Intersect]

We held a seminar and Q&A on Intersect, CIP1694, and the overall picture of Cadrano’s governance, and a workshop on three agendas!

Cardano Governance Workshop & Meetup · Luma

35 Cardano members including ambassador community members Catalyst participants SPO, including 1 baby and 1 child, passionately discussed!

The results, including voting for the discussion on Miro, can be found below.

GoogleSheet:3/16Japan-Cardano-Governnance-Workshop-Summary - Google Sheets
Miro:Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

1 How to use treasury

How do you think the 170 billion yen treasury should be used? (How much money should be spent each year and what percentage should be used for what purpose?)

ideas or feedback Vote
Core Development - 30% Governance - 30% Ecosystem - 40% 5
Research and development (R&D) ・Invest approximately 8.5 billion yen (5% of the total) annually in research and development of blockchain technology *Development of new protocols, improvement of existing technologies, development of new applications, etc. 5
The treasury funds should be used in ways that further the growth and development solely for cardanos benefit. Funds should not exceed 8-10% a year without plans to recover spent funds and a gradual yearly percentage decline if funds are not put back in ( next year 5-7% ) all projects / organizations share from the initial 10% 3
Maximum 5% of the treasury should be spent each year. 3
game development 3
incentive program ・Incorporate “incentive programs” into Cardano’s treasury utilization strategy Aim: To foster ecosystem growth and encourage developers and projects 1 Compensation for developers and projects: Provide rewards based on performance to encourage innovation and participation. 2 Community-driven decisions: Treasury funding allocations are determined by community votes to ensure transparency. 3Promoting diversity: Creating an environment where developers with different backgrounds can easily participate and increasing the diversity of the ecosystem 4Support for long-term growth: Support the project to achieve long-term growth through continuous support. 3
Technology development, marketing, meetups 2
Deploy 10% of the treasury every year 2
A large amount to start, even if less than is being refilled, to advance the ecosystem quickly in the short term. Perhaps 500M/yr: 150M Catalyst (3 rounds/year) 150M Intersect (Governance and community) 200M Core Features development 2
Transparent budgeting and spending at every level 2
Improving Japan’s image 2
- 40% on core development - 20% on governance - 40% on ecosystems 2
Ecosystems: -Community projects -wallets -meetups -workshops -etc 2
We think in three apostles: core development, governance, and other ecosystems. 1
(1) Core development: as much as needed. (2)Governance: 50 million ADA in the first year, decreasing by 30% the following year as governance matures and Intersect’s MBO matures. (3) Other Ecosystem: Catalyst: 100 million ADA (for 3 funds) 1
Lots of real events 1
A VC Fund with expected ROI for investments 1
Legal compliance and regulation advocacy? 1
Core development: - Maintenance of cardano-node, wallet-backend, db-sync, etc… - R&D scaling solutions - Optimizations (computer resources) 1
Open a Cardano shop in Japan 1
GPT’s Answer: Research and Development (30%) Ecosystem Development (25%) Security Audits and Enhancements (15%) Global Adoption and Integration (10%) Community and Education (10%) Decentralization and Governance (5%) 0
In addition to spending about 5 billion yen a year on Catalyst to account for price fluctuation risk, IOHK or Foundation will spend about 1 billion yen for listing on CEX and business development for onboarding companies. 0
How might the Emurgo/IOG/Cardano Foundation access the Treasury? 0
What is the difference between what is funded directly by this treasury and what is funded by Catalyst? 0
Marketing How much should be spent? To whom is the marketing directed? Should Intersect take the lead? 0
Since Cardano positions itself as an environmentally sustainable blockchain, part of the treasury could be allocated to projects and technologies that offset carbon emissions or contribute to environmental sustainability, aligning with its proof-of-stake model’s green credentials. 0
Marketing costs for Japan 0
Emurgo, IOG and CF can apply for funds via Catalyst 0
State of the Treasury Report? 0
If we think about it as part of our next five-year plan, we will focus on making our protocol solutions practical and investing in their development. Establish a perspective that makes it easy for a variety of companies to participate 0
Communication tools for reaching different facets of the community when important decisions must be made 0
Governance: -Constitutional committee compensation -DREP compensation(?) Intersact 0
influencer marketing 0

2 Intersect/Membership Benefits/Gov Tools

What would you like to see as a benefit of Intersect membership? What Gov tools would you like to see developed?

ideas or feedback Vote
1. the right to attend events, be invited to parties, have lunch meetings, have dinner meetings, have online meetings, etc. with the possibility of interacting with the following people Charles Hoskinson Cardano people other than Charles Hoskinson (Kodama, SPO, ambassadors, Catalyst proposer, core developers, Frederick, DREP, etc.) Simultaneous interpretation service included 6
Develop an SNS communication tool linked to development documents as an alternative Gov tool to Discord. Equip it with AI to provide expandability. 6
Governance votes should be based on the volume of transactions done on chain. 100 transactions means 100 voting power. benefit for not the holder but the user. 3
Access to educational programs
・Provide free or discounted access to online courses and workshops on blockchain
*Aiming to improve the skills of members
A digital business card that says you are a member of Intersect can be used when doing business. 2
5. Expected non-profit activities Lobbying activities (e.g., approaching at least 50 Diet members of the ruling party in Japan per year and taking photos as proof of the approach) 1
4.Identity NFT or physical badge to show Intersect membership 1
2. You will receive products Cardano products (Intersect products) Specialty products from the Cardano family, such as Cardano Umeshu (plum wine) Merchandise autographed by Charles Hoskinson 1
3. Experience a special feeling Upgrade tickets to the Cardano Summit Free admission to Intersect events or a VIP ticket to a special meal in a special lounge with special members. The right to have your name engraved on the Intersect booth at blockchain events. 1
Summit, tickets, priority guide tickets 1
*Payment options Provide an Intersect pool with 10%, 50%, and 100% commissions, each divided into delegated amounts as well as benefits. Tiered membership fees. 1
9. Support for wallet and staking operations. 1
I want them to make a Cardnao phone or a Cardano watch. 1
regular study sessions 1
Please support blockchain projects launched by African youth. Takaji 1
0. The right to contribute to Inetersect The right to contribute to the development of standards in each industry. The right to contribute to the management of the Hub, etc. The right to access and participate in summaries of working group discussions. The right to propose working groups above a certain amount. 0
6. Marketing Intersect-sponsored SPOs, DREPs, Catalyst proponents, ambassadors, and DApps will be listed on the website and at the event booth. 0
Posting of name on website 0
7. Perpetual Service: Buy a membership for one year and consider the right to be valid in perpetuity every year. 0
8. Right to access to some of Inetersect’s internal materials. 0
Insight information 0
Intersect membership benefits: -A say on decisions regarding protocol development -Suggestions on long term road map -Weekly newsletters on developments 0
Access to educational programs ・Provide free or discounted access to online courses and workshops on blockchain *Aiming to improve the skills of members 0
Co-marketing and event invitations - Receive joint marketing opportunities and be invited to various events *You can create a win-win relationship by increasing the exposure of your business. 0
Gov. tools: -Visualize all active proposals with current state of vote (yes vs no vs abstain) -Visualize when proposals are retained -Easy click-to-vote-functionality with wallet connector 0
A DREP should do thorough research for each proposal and should vote according to what the DREP thinks is best for the protocol 0

3 DREP and the Constitution

What do you expect DREP to do and not do? What would you like to see written into the Constitution?

ideas or feedback Vote
Clarify the ideas and positions of DReps. 9
We will state in the Constitution that the issuance limit of 45 billion coins will not be changed. 4
You are disclosing any organization you are part of. 2
To-Do ・Representation and Advocacy ・Transparency and Accountability ・Informed Decision-Making ・Constructive Participation ・Ethical Conduct Not-To-Do ・Ignore Constituent Input ・Engage in Partisan Politics ・Misrepresent Information ・Personal Gain 2
Constitutional Provisions ・Term Limits and Rotation ・Code of Conduct ・Decision-Making Criteria ・Transparency Requirements ・Conflict Resolution Mechanisms 2
DREP Code of Conduct 1
Rules for voting behavior for voting destinations with interests are made public, and it is possible to verify that there is no corruption such as bribery. 1
Only things that can be understood by smart contracts should be included in the constitution. For example, do not include things that smart contracts cannot understand, such as Let’s take actions that benefit the Cardano ecosystem. 1
I expect DREP to be as transparent as possible with their voting decisions. Announcing their voting plans before voting action takes place. Delegators should be able to opt out of DREP support but still participate in staking. 1
A DREP should do thorough research for each proposal and should vote according to what the DREP thinks is best for the protocol 1
Fairness of voting: The difference in the amount of ADA held does not become too large. 0
Have the knowledge to cast a vote 0
Have the time (or staff) to conduct a CIP 1694 vote. 0
You are not running multiple DReps under cover.the extent possible 0
The voting behavior rules are open to the public, and it can be verified that voting is not done arbitrarily. 0
The constitution will require that such governance actions do not reduce the security of the Cardano blockchain, delay block generation, or impede decentralization. 0
I would like term of office and a mechanism to be evaluated. 0
Have the expertise to know about all areas affecting governance 0
The blockchain must have the right to exist 0
Should there be term limits for how long someone may occupy a particular post of authority? 0

4 How should Cardano evolve?

How should we discuss the addition or modification of features to Cardano (network parameters, initiation of hard fork)?
(We didn’t have time and couldn’t vote about it!)

ideas or feedback
I think technical people need Github, and other people need a medium that is easier to use than Github.
When voting on a proposal, I would like the supporters and opponents of the proposal to be visible through their signatures.
Assuming Intersect takes the lead, what should the governance policy be at Intersect?
Considering that the participation rate in the recent CIP1694 vote was less than 1%, most users are not interested in such discussions. Therefore, it is necessary to provide incentives to interested experts and have them discuss it in the Intersect working group.
Develop a dedicated communication platform. To prevent the dispersion of presentations and communications, consolidate them into a single dedicated Intersect platform. Actively use AI for organizing and analyzing information. Ensure compliance is adhered to and properly managed. Incorporate features that can aggregate opinions from various platforms.
Sticky note type system like Miro where ideas can be published and gather community consent before being more formally defined
What happens when there are multiple network parameters that may be changed by a single action?
Working groups dedicated to very specific areas to provide recommendations


Thank you for such a wonderful write up Yuta-san!


Thank you for your comment! We would like to incorporate this feedback obtained from the workshop into the DRep Code of Conduct, etc.:pray:いつもありがとうございます!