Cardano Headlines From the Future

I’d like to start a topic where we can explore what the headlines could look like in the future. You can include memes. This is for posterity to see who was the most prophetic or to determine the time travelers among us. :wink:

2025: The First Martian Settlements Choose Cardano As Currency

2025: The first country to try implementation of the model liquid democracy using Cardano Blockchain

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2025: The Future of the Internet: dApps and Cardano

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2020: Ethiopia Will Use Cardano Network To Build its Banking System

Nov 2019: RINA springs ADA past $5 valuation

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July 2020: IOHK competes with IBM and Intel to collect Cardano contract.

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Do you know anything about RINA? Serious question, not a sarcastic question. Trying to find someone that is pretty knowledgeable in it.

Discussed in this thread:

Haha, just noticed it was you who started it! :blush:

This may very well happen. I’d throw Microsoft into the mix. ADA stakeholders are part of something really big. Don’t believe me, just study the project with an open mind and you will know what I mean! Exciting times!

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I am not an expert by any means. However, RINA is essentially a second internet. Charles has basically stated that RINA will be the apology for the individuals that created the current internet, and I think that is when they will also look to implement Ouroboros Hydra around this same time period (I could be completely way off base here though). This is when I feel as though we will start seeing Daedalus starting to be used as a play store in a sense, with DApps that can be purchased or downloaded.

//A.D.D. MOMENT// When we look out at these time frames though, I fear as though they will be slowed down by when the crypto conferences are meeting up. I feel as though the research has been there for decentralization, but they are just adding more and more to it to make it more appealing to the crypto conferences - that way they accept the paper that IOHK is submitting. Decentralization was initially told for Q1, then Q2-Q3, now testnet set up for back end Q3, decentralization for Q4. Really? Get it together people. If we are going to make the drastic claims like in 6-12 months (claim made around march), we will be better than BTC, better than ETH; then we better be willing to stick with that timeline.

The problem with thinking that we have the time to do it right the first time is that there is a limited time frame here that we can start to get ahead and bolster public opinion. Granted, there is not much of a demand for the platforms right now, but that can change in just a couple months - with IBM working with stellar, ETFs coming into play, investment companies already designing dapps. With ignorant people not understanding that ADA has already been launched, we will soon find ourselves in a place trying to play catchup instead of being the leading platform. If we lag behind too far, it may not matter how secure the network is, or how good the code is, because our timing would have been off by too much. By decentralizing, it proves that the network has indeed been launched, it encourages individuals to purchase and stake ADA, and IOHK can hold the voting system until Goguen or Basho is complete. At least start the testnet sooner than the back end of Q3; that way if there are any issues, then it can get corrected and still decentralized beginning to mid Q4 and the smart contracts can be added Q1-Q2 of 2019. If smart contracts are not added by Q2 2019, it is my guess that we will not see RINA until mid 2020. //A.D.D. MOMENT OVER//


Also, RINA should support parallel transactions, and the expansion past the current 250 TPS.