Is anyone still interested in RINA ? (Recursive InternetWork Architecture)

Continuing the discussion from Cardano and RINA - Recursive InternetWork Architecture:

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Is anyone still interested in RINA ?

I would like to introduce the ΞRINA DC FUND initiative, lead by Gary and Jay who are networking pros with over 60 years combined experience in the domain (and both Retired Marines!) and who have both met Charles more than once- including Japan Pre 2017 and discussed networking and RINA in person with him but at the time the tech was not ready and so they have continued to work to develop the RINA tech quietly and persistently with a commercial ISP network in Japan sponsoring this work.

They are at a point where they see big advantages for the Cardano network and for SPOs with the innovations they are overseeing with regards to the work the acedemic giants of the industry have done before them.

They are ready to present their solutions to the community and set up RINA nodes to stake pools and let the data and metrics be given to the community to continue the discussion.

For more info and to Join the initiative please consider supporting our DC FUND proposal by simply searching the keyword ‘RINA’ at to see the future ; )

FYI here are all of #TheHOSK`s AMA clips relating to RINA over the years ; )

what if all the assumptions we currently have for implementing RINA were false regarding the cost and the stack ? and with a little outta the box thinking and a dash of innovation and a healthy dose of collaboration we can do this NOW!


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@NinjaPool I’m interested in RINA and I just found about it today. This is the way the whole Internet should be :heart_eyes:

awesome the more you go down that TCP/IP rabbit hole the more it makes sense LoL
For more info and to Join the initiative please consider supporting our DC FUND proposal by simply searching the keyword ‘RINA’ at to see the future and join the RINA USERS GROUP- RUG also there is a great detailed paper on RINA by ETSI attached to the first reply that is well worth reading ; )

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yes thanks @NinjaPool, I read the basics of it before my post above. Every deep thinker who has been forced into the role of a network administrator has wondered many times, “It would be so wonderful if it worked that way” … reading the RINA paper is like reading a summary of all those better ways, with a history of the brilliant design choices that the industry never made. :sunglasses:

great stay tuned we have a very interesting technological twist that the academic world has largely missed ; ) I guess their primary focus is on bigger things as they are doing different things as opposed to net/ops teams running a commercial CSP with thousands of users across a continent ; )

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You asked and we listened Rina Users group will release a “you tube” video mini series to address some of the major questions the Cardano Community Members (CCMs) have raised so please add any questions you can think of to the list at our proposal portal ling below -

  • and the team will endeavor to answer ALL questions in detail from the CCMs in the video mini series

questions so far we will ask the net ops devs and CTO Gary Blankenship -

The problems with the current “broken” internet,

RINA as a global networking solution (for blockchains and legacy)

the benefits of Ouroboros over RINA.

how OoverR will be setup, how it will be benchmarked and what would expected findings be?

Others ?