Cardano ISO 20022 Certification

Hello dear Readers,

I am wondering if Cardano has an aim to become ISO 20022 certified.

thank you

None of the companies officially sponsoring Cardano development are currently involved in this:

In any case this certification will be applied to payment applications, not the blockchains & currencies themselves. For a case in point you can see that RippleNet (the payment network) is included in this list: based on Ripple’s unique plans for banking compliance rather than any feature of XRP (the cryptocurrency).


p.s. I thought it was a bit odd that Cardano (as an “organisation” - which is itself an error) seemed hastily added to the list of supporting agencies on the Wikipedia page for ISO 20022:

As you can see, there is no attribution for that list or any comment or reference (on the “Talk” page) why Cardano was added to it later. Generally hasty edits like that are the result of speculation and rumour.


i was thinking about this because i think when Cardano would apply the ISO 20022 regulations, it could have more likely an accepted role in the international financial transfer market, especially when they are doing projects like they are doing in Africa, for these kind of projects and other future projects i think it is beneficiary this certification is obtained, also for all the app builders that make use of the network… if the network is certified, it will attract many more developers and users…

maybe i understand it all wrong…