Cardano Marketing Idea - Official Cardano Anthem

I was thinking if the CF would sponsor any world class DJ (like Solomun) to prepare an Anthem for Cardano?

We do really have engaging visuals everywhere, but a catching melody would be absolutely amazing! Especially if it would make it to the radio lists as the “Cardano Anthem”.

Of course we could have in parallel a Community Competition (maybe for a remix version?), but professional DJs have the real magic.

The best thing is that you could merge such an anthem in the universe of the Symphony of Blockchains (maybe have a video edit produced out of it).

You could use the music in all future audiovisual digital content produced by IOHK/CF/Emurgo.

@Nathan_Kaiser any chance to get funds for this at some point?



IMO it´s not the 55-65 population you might want to initially catch for “mass adopition”, but the 15-45, or maybe even the 15-35, where a DJ will fit very well :slight_smile:

But sure you can have later on various versions of the anthem, vocal, instrumental, ochestra, etc. that can really cover all age groups.

Of course it would be one requirement not to create any music that´s too radical, niche & extreme in style.

I deliberately didn´t write investors, but people, as the idea is to raise awareness of the beautfiul vision & philosophy behind Cardano and let people learn about it. By no means should this be a campaign to buy ADA, please no!!

See the other idea with a similar approach here to just raise awareness about Cardano:


Some Nerdcore would have fitted in well, like that ‘Bitcoin Baron’ song from last year, but unfortunately it’s already been done and originality is important.

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Nice idea!
Music is a powerful thing. This idea reminds me of when Microsoft commissioned Brian Eno to make their 6 second startup sound for Windows 95 (Make sure to read the description for Brian Eno’s quote):


I’m no world class DJ (at least not yet) but I could work on a track. I planned to start a YT channel with my music anyway. I’m quite busy in upcoming days but maybe I’ll try to create something. No need for payment - if it’s good, as long as you’d share it, I’d be happy.


The Microsoft Sound composed by Brian Eno.

In 1994 Microsoft corporation designers Mark Malamud and Erik Gavriluk approached Brian Eno to compose music for the Windows 95 project. The result was the six-second start-up music-sound of the Windows 95 operating system, The Microsoft Sound (.wav).

In the San Francisco Chronicle he said:
"The idea came up at the time when I was completely bereft of ideas. I’d been working on my own music for a while and was quite lost, actually. And I really appreciated someone coming along and saying, “Here’s a specific problem — solve it.”

The thing from the agency said, “We want a piece of music that is inspiring, universal, blah- blah, da-da-da, optimistic, futuristic, sentimental, emotional,” this whole list of adjectives, and then at the bottom it said “and it must be 31/4 seconds long.”

I thought this was so funny and an amazing thought to actually try to make a little piece of music. It’s like making a tiny little jewel. In fact, I made 84 pieces. I got completely into this world of tiny, tiny little pieces of music. I was so sensitive to microseconds at the end of this that it really broke a logjam in my own work.

Then when I’d finished that and I went back to working with pieces that were like three minutes long, it seemed like oceans of time. As a guest on the The Museum of Curiosity radio show, Eno stated that the list of adjectives, which included “sexy”, comprised “about one-hundred and fifty adjectives” and that the music was to be no more than “3.8 seconds” long.

(Text taken from wikipedia


Sounds awesome @Piotr !

Whatever you compose I am quite excited to hear your Cardano melody.


I think at some point this could be a fun, energizing and effective marketing tool, but for right now it seems like money being spent to simply put a Cardano logo in front of people’s faces… I just struggle to see how this is a good use of funds. What is the Marketing path look like? We play electronic music and show a Cardano light show… Random millennial that knows little about crypto thinks “I need to buy some Cardano!”… Millennial logs onto Coinbase to buy BTC… figures out how to transfer BTC to Binance… Buys ADA… Downloads mobile Yoroi wallet and holds funds there… Then millennial hodls through the volatile crypto market and thinks to themselves “I’m so happy that I bought this ADA because of that concert!”

Is this really a viable scenario? To me, marketing to the general public comes when there is a use for the general public. I would see this as a poor use of foundation funds at this point.


I’ve never heard a “fortune 500” anthem that I can think of, but some iconic sound bite ideas may be something to add to video content. Intel, Xbox, Netflix etc somewhat have brand openers.

By extension of the ambassador idea, it would seem as all content associated with such sounds or symbols could be seen as authoritative and officially represent the project. Such symbols would need protection for the integrity of the brand.

This initiative could offer good community sourced submissions, but by agreement, only to be used by parties that officially represent and produce content for Cardano.

I think it would be in the best interest of the project to have proven marketing experts offer effective and appropriate ideas for all stages of Cardano marketing.

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I think this is a much more complex subject.

There is generally very little awareness & publicity for Cardano even in the crypto media, but not to speak about the non-crypto media.

Such content is capable of, breaking walls & raising a media buzz beyond the traditional crypto Community, which might generate additional quality content created by various prominent media outlets (such as a 3 pager in Wired magazine).

To raise the awareness about Cardano, the revolution, the vision, the journey, the unique & differentiating capabilities is important.

You want peope to hear & learn about it and possibly engage in various ways.

Some might just become passionate and join the Community, bring their creativity, network & intelligence with themselves.

Others might see this as a great opportunity and be attracted to learn developing in Plutus / Marlowe and build any DAPP on the Platform or run a staking pool operations.

You might even have people realize what Cardano is capable to solve any specific problem, challenge they are currently dealing with and let these peope reach out for a Cardano Use Case implementation.

Or you might reach decision makers who would change their perspective and add Cardano as a potential scenario on their candidate list.

Generally speaking the more people who speak & think about it as the first scalable, interoperable, secure & sustainable public Blockchain the better.

As an added value it may significantly boost the social media channel subscriptions for Cardano to allow for further contacts & impressions.

Timing is important and I believe once the staking & Smart contracts capabilities are out is a good momentum. However to trigger such creative / artistic content in end of this year, you need easily 3-6 months to give enough time for inspiration, development & refinement.

So to put it straight the idea would be to attract people who may flourish the Cardano ecosystem and not simply a new population of ADA holders.

But you have to wrap the Cardano message into some very powerful, engaging & differentiating content (suggested anthem from a top DJ) otherwise it won’t break those walls currently surrounding Cardano, and even higher ones the entire crypto domain.


I agree. The problem is that there isn’t much to sell at this point… Everything is still in the process of being built. This is the same for most other projects in our space, and it is very difficult for most people passing through crypto to be able to decipher a difference between promises and claims. The great thing that this community has done is pull together a “tight knit” core that all have the same understanding of what Cardano is aiming to accomplish and the rigorous path it is choosing to take to get there. We’ve seen what happens when the Cardano reddit page is flooded with Lambo and Moonboys… It’s a disaster. Until we have real use cases being deployed on Cardano, I don’t see what the purpose is of putting Cardano if front of some random Joe’s face is.

How do we know that an “anthem” is capable of doing this? Have we seen this other places? Have you personally done this before? Have other companies done this before? I’d be curious to see some metrics of similar campaigns that have been launched in the past.

Additionally, before you ask @Nathan_Kaiser for funds to do this, it’d probably be best to have some type of written proposal that includes this information along with a budget, deployment strategy and a clear target audience.

Ultimately, I just keep thinking “What if I heard an anthem for a different crypto?” (It could be LTC, OMG, Nano, etc…) Would it change anything about my views on that crypto? And the answer I keep coming up with is ‘no’. I’m not saying that everyone necessarily shares my same view, but I struggle with how this gets deployed and people actually care to research more about Cardano.

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Perhaps you can share by example where your ideas have been employed by other brands that have your intended effect? Generally speaking for any idea, if you were to share examples that were unanimously considered successful (and appropriate to Cardano), we could better understand the value of the approach.

So what I’m seeing (hearing) is something short, like the example of the windows startup sound.

I couldn’t help but also see it incorporated into the last few seconds of the commercial I wrote, between the “Trust” and “Cardano” fades.Cardano Superbowl Commercial.pdf (63.5 KB)

Narrator is obviously CH.


I have no example of an anthem for a cryptocurrency becoming successful, but that’s the whole point to have a unique marketing approach and differentiate from traditional marketing we are almost immune to.

It’s from the same category, which the Street Art Competition idea belongs to:

You don’t have any model or algorithm that will predict in advance whether an unorthodox marketing technique will be successful or not.

It’s all about intuition, estimation & best guesses. If enough people or decision makers or marketing experts feel the same it might make sense, otherwise perhaps not. You never know for sure until it hasn’t been tried out.

What I hope for is that Cardano will not only innovate in technology, but also in marketing as that would be quite a powerful combination.

Eventually it has already set foot on this path with the exceptional Symphony of Blockchains and all these ideas are just trying to follow this approach of utilizing art & creativity (a universal and exciting language) to express Cardano to the masses.

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Timing is important, why I suggested to schedule such campaigns when the key parts of the roadmap are successfully delivered (smart contracts & staking).

All of us are average Joe’s :slight_smile: Eventually whichever crypto will be successful in guiding Joe through the learning curve of cryptocurrencies, digital assets and in Blockchain in general will have a huge advantage and perhaps even develop an emotional bondage for the individual. I see a lot of Joe’s out there who have not engaged with any crypto yet, didn’t pick any sides, but when they do they will bring some real creativity, experience & value to those Ecosystems and help them flourish in a variety of ways. Now it’s still a blue ocean of Joe’s we may attract to Cardano.

Speaking about budget for such an idea, you can stick a price tag anywhere from 50k to 500k+ at this stage as the idea itself is still on a superficial level. You would most likely adjust the idea to fit the budget and not the other way around.

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Do you have an example of an anthem for any business in the world (blockchain or not) that plays over in your head and inspires you to explore that brand in the way you suggest such an anthem would do for Cardano?

If you had to choose, do we need masses first, or developers? On a scale of 1 - 10 where on the spectrum of priority of marketing efforts and resources would you say an anthem would fit? We can maybe then ask an established and proven marketing expert the same to compare.

Unique marketing approaches can be explored at any stage and any time, but to me it seems that proven effective techniques built by marketing industry experts are the best approach to start with.

I’m not going to ask for a long list of examples of 100 or more, but I would accept one real world example of a corporate anthem, good or bad (in English or any other language.) Not an ad of course, but an anthem as you are suggesting could possibly justify over half a million dollars… at this stage.

With your marketing experience, would you perceive this to be more effective than the equivalent USD value in Facebook ads, at this stage?

However, I’m not a marketing expert and it’s very possible I’m out of touch with my skepticism about the value of this idea.

Here are just a few music clips / melodies exclusively created for brand promotional purposes and some other articles on this topic:

Facebook ads, noooo please no … maybe LinkedIn ads & Instagram influencer ads.

Do we need masses or developers first? Actually we do need both :slight_smile: The more people you have in the Community, the more attractive it might be to develop on the Platform. The more developers you have, the more DAPPs being built, the more people you may attract to the Community. IMO you have to tackle both groups and find a balance spending resources on them.

Half million was the top of the range, you could already start something with 50k (such as a global DJ contest for the anthem).

The important thing is to keep pushing ideas, make the people aware in charge and trust that they will assess and do the vetting according to their best knowledge, effort & marketing strategy. Of course once Cardano Hubs & Treasury is out, there is a different way to have ideas being financed on decentralized platforms.

I do personally believe for cost efficiency reasons as well, that unique marketing approaches, guerilla marketing, contests & entertaining content is what Cardano shall seek to make the masses aware and as it does today, focus on art & creativity as an exciting universal language to communicate the message.

To target developers, you would have to advertise in professional media outlets specifically popular in those communities, sponsor events, hackathons, bounties, prepare amazing online trainings, etc.

With my layperson understanding of marketing, I think this would be the best use of any marketing funds, at this stage.


This is on the way I believe.

At least there was a statement at Plutusfest that the goal is to train 10k Plutus developers this year.

Why pay stupid money for someone to play music very well. Why not hire a great DJ, Composer, and Producer such as myself and become a resident DJ exclusive to Cardano. I also have PR, sales and find it very easy to approach people. All the music skills plus be part of a team for much less. More for your money.
I have many tracks I make, mixes, bootlegs, even radio stations. All made by myself.

Email me here: