Cardano Me - Social Media Campaign


I was thinking the currently cost less, fastest & most efficient way to give some extra marketing to Cardano would be to cardanize your Social Medial Profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).

Just use a nice Cardano template for the background of your profile picture.

This will aready give a much bigger exposure to Cardano, then we currently have.

If you have 10.000 people changing their social media profile to match Cardano styling, we may easily reach 5m people (!!!). We have ~100.000 people in the Community, so expecting 10% to change their social media profiles should be fine.

We should clearly see the change in the Google Trends search on Cardano if we execute this movement united together as a Community.

We could even start a contest for the most creative cardanization of a Social Media profile. You could really go creative by designing your own Cardano background images.

The only guideline would be to have “Cardano” as a text on the image you use, not only the logo so people may google search for it.

Let me know what you think?

(I have changed my LinkedIn & Twitter for this purpose, see as a possible example below.).


This could also be done on a Cardano day (birthday?) and for a period to spark curiosity.

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I would do it ASAP and keep it forever, then you are sure eventually everyone will see it.

People don’t look at your profile picture every day. Over a period of time some might visit and view it.

Of course Facebook behaves different in this context then LinkedIn for instance.

I have on LinkedIn 3k+ connections, maybe 10-20% will see my profile distributed over a year so to shorten the timeframe to a day or even a month is counterproductive.


Does the Cardano has a policy on the utilisation of their logos? Where are they available?

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@maki.mukai could you please advise on this?

I guess if we use the Cardano wallpaper images on our profile pictures in standard, non-commercial social media profiles, this should be fine?

In a sense the Community is the stakeholder / shareholder of the Cardano venture so I guess it’s pretty natural to use it in our private Social Media, especially as we don’t use it to advertise any commercial services or products, rather simply to express our Community commitment, cryptocurrency choice & belief in the Cardano vision.

My initial feeling is this is not different then wearing a Cardano merchandise shirt when you go out with your friends or colleagues for dinner.

Also important to mention that it’s not IOHK, neither the Cardano Foundation and nor Emurgo the pictures should represent, simply the Cardano project we are all part of and possibly all hold a portion of ADA.

I do emphasize the importance of use in a non-commercial context.

What of course we should not do is to add any “Cardano like” titles to our profiles unless pre-authorized.

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I feel the same. If the code is open source than logos should also be for public use as long as it is not for comercial purpose. But It doesn’t hurt to be sure.



I came up with a similar question these days and I think this deserves its own thread. Policy basically says “no” so it looks like you need to ask for every single usage:


I believe we will have an answer on this shortly by @maki.mukai if the people in the Community may use it in the described strict context of the proposed movement.

But to be honest, I don´t see anyway this would be prohibited. It would be like saying Juventus football fans might not use the Juventus logo on their private social media profile :slight_smile:

If the policy wouldn´t allow this for any reason, it should be changed asap to allow such strictly non-commercial, Cardano Community usage.

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Articles 2.1, 2.2… suggest that logos and the word Cardano can be used without permission with the specified restrictions. If you want to remove one of the restrictions, let say the trademark notice, then you would need permission.

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Apparently the way to be safe is to write at info at cardanofoundation dot org. I have to say that my case was slightly different, because I’d like to use Cardano logo as (a very small) part of a logo for a stake pool.

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Obviously, you should be granted that right for a stake pool. Make total sense. Stake pools are inherent to the protocol and for the good of the ecosystem.


Please spin off the logo usage discussion in a commercial context to a new topic, it´s important to have it´s dedicated thread.

In this particular non-commercial, hobby context everyone should be safe.

Yup, let me forward this to the legal team to review as I’m not the trademark policy expert. Thanks for flagging :slight_smile:


erm, nah. it’s community owned! Charles already clarified this during the whole cardano foundation-gate.

just take a step back and think about it… if we all needed permission from the powers that be we’re no longer decentralised.

there ought to be light guides (note i said guides not rules) that can be established. this was supposed to be done by CF. still hasn’t been done. community contribution cannot, must not continue to be stifled like this!


@bercinho i think you’re on to something here. i also agree with @Eystein_Hansen idea that it could benefit from being contextualised. (for instance i’ve been thinking up some ideas around the shelly/decentralisation event.)

i’ve been working on ideas complimentary to this.

imagine if the idea could go even further and be functional. imagine a profile pic that was the image embedded into a QR code (snapchat style, now only Ada themed) that pointed to a wallet you would want folks to interact with. this would be an opportunity to onboard people as well…


Let us know when you have achieved your desired position of Ada holding so we can start marketing. If we are really quiet, there might be a change to get the coin even cheaper :wink:

I just bought in at todays prices and don’t mind if the price slides temporarily becouse I will hold several years. On the other hand it would have been unfortunate if I would not have gotten info about Ada and bought for example Tron instead.

There is a difference to inform about the qualities of the product/coin and to exaggerate the qualities like many other cryptos have done. And if some one tells to be here only for humanitarian reasons, I assume their CV include voluntary work / crises help in places where the acute help is needed.

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So you believe that all other people who have not got to know about Cardano’s philosophy & vision yet, shouldn’t have the opportunity to go though the very same experience we have been through? They shouldn’t watch the famous whiteboard video of Charles or the IOHK interviews with some brilliant peope? They shouldn’t fall in love with the Africa strategy of Cardano? They shouldn’t get impressed by the exceptional scientific achievements by IOHK? They shouldn’t have the opportunity to be part of the journey & success? They shouldn’t be part of our Community? They shouldn’t have the opportunity to see closely with their eyes how this extraordinary revolution is happening?

According to you they should wait for their turn when mass adoption knocks on their door.

This kind of elitism & exclusion doesn’t belong to the Cardano principles as far as I am aware.

I never said you should advertise “buy ADA”, simply give the Cardano venture the awareness it deserves in your network (friends & colleagues). Would some of them decide to purchase any ADA after their learning curve, I don’t mind, it’s not my business and I would be happy for any of my friends or colleagues if they make any profit.

You are just having an amock trying to mess up all the threads I have been recently active. It’s your personal agenda you put forward no matter how destructive it might be for the Community itself.

Here is the other thread of attacks:

Do you support @Zenman brilliant idea of the Evolution Guerilla marketing?

You see that’s another creative way of raising awareness we should do.


I really don’t understand the resistance shown toward people actually doing things to get the word out there. Bert is out there doing things to promote Cardano and people are shitting on him for it. WTF?

I feel it’s completely legit to inform the general public not only about Cardano, but the entire fiat $ FUBARed situation. The system is corrupt and diseased and unfair, and I believe the Cardano project can be a huge impetus for change.

Personally, I see The Evolution movement as a service to humanity. This isn’t hype, it’s informing the general public about the next evolution of $.


Did anyone cardanize his social media profiles?

Please share if not, why so we may review how to adjust the campaign if needed for a better success rate.

Thanks :pray:

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