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Been using this one for a while now on both Facebook and Twitter. Added it on LinkedIn as well yesterday after reading this topic.


You are awesome :slight_smile: Thank you Jos!

Please let all of us follow Jos and cardanize our social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Let´s simply raise the awareness of Cardano and give other people the opportunity to know & learn about it.

In a sense it might even show a stronger level of commitment to Cardano, while exposing to your network your unquestionable trust & support for the Cardano venture. This may not be an easy step to make.

If you have any creative idea how to improve this campaign please just comment it. It’s surprising to see how bad it is accepted at the moment.


Any feedback?

Yes yes, the suggested uses listed here should be okay as it is a fair use policy.
I’ll be publishing a Forum post on the coming days that help better explain this policy and ways it can be used by the community (without written consent and worrying about trademark infringment!) :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for the prompt update Maki.


I might only suggest that if you do add such branding content to your social media profiles, that it should be clear in your profile that you do not work directly for the project, unless of course, you do.

Perhaps we can come up with a list of generally agreed on labels to be considered as a potential guideline.

IOHK employee
Cardano Ambassador
Cardano Maximalist
Cardano Enthusiast
Cardano Community
Cardano Fan

Those might not be appropriate but something along those lines perhaps. Context is that this is used as an honor system. No doubt a few vocal haters will likely do so mockingly as intentional slander, but maybe we can roughly agree on what it means to be a part of this community in this way, if we’re going to put the brand on our personal or even professional profiles.


I think until it´s simply in the background, while on your profile you have a title where you work in which organization & role, it´s pretty fine. Otherwise yes, you should have a title. Let´s not get into someone putting Cardano Ambassador on their LinkedIn issue as that should not happen IMO.

Did anyone join this movement?

If not why not? I would like to understand what to improve or how to change the campaign so we get more traction of it?

I see some of the most active, vocal and famous members of the Community do not like this idea. Please let me understand why?

Because i am a Cardano Ambassador.

Goodnight Bert❤️

Goodnight Darling :kissing_heart::heart:

‘‘Cardano Ambassador’’ is defined on the Ambassador’s page, and isn’t translated into anything else afaik. If people (want to) attach different meanings/interpretations to that, then that’s up to them, but doesn’t necessarily make it so.
Going off of the website, it should be clear that being elected/chosen as ambassador is actually a direct translation as to one’s (previous and current) activities within the community.
I explained in another post (quickly & roughly) what I have been contributing (a sort of background, if you wish), up until now. And perhaps people will indeed give more background info, as to the how/why… (and maybe they were already working on this for some time, but got interrupted due to last year’s events…:wink:).

Regarding the ‘adding’ to my profile: this is just an experience (voluntary I must add), and can be added to one’s CV/profile, just like I would add a life/work experience for helping elderly people in a retirement home…
Or added the GoC (sub)experience, for example. The list of things could go on and on, but not all are worth mentioning, as I wouldn’t want or see the need to add me contributing to the local firefighting group

However, if one feels these experiences are something that should be on one’s personal/private social media profile, who are we to question this? To each their own, and if people feel like answering or elaborating on it, they will…
When you say; ‘‘people shouldn’t add this IMO’’, then what is the above topic really about? - I ask myself.
I mean, why shouldn’t someone freely express their devotion/passion on their social media profiles and creating positive exposure for the project(s)? ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

Florian Bohnert from Emurgo says and describes it quite well, imo, and I agree with his ideas on this.
Please refer to this video starting at 50:33.

Feel free to add ‘‘Cardano Watchdogs’’ to your various (professional) social media profiles any time, if for example, you felt this would indeed strengthen the movement, the overall ecosystem and/or add value to your direct surroundings. I personally wouldn’t judge you for it in any way, you are free to do so. :ok_hand:

And of course, by all means, anyone that wants to help by ‘‘Cardanizing’’ their social media profiles, should do so, as this is a very active and powerful way to help create more exposure and ADAption.:+1:

I’m chiming out of the discussion now, cheers.


Hey all! Is this still going on? I have a few backgrounds I made that I’d like to submit! Thoughts?

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