Cardano newbie. Help with Ledger/Yoroi


I’m certain this topic has been kicked around your forum plenty enough, but I have not been able to find my answer yet.

So, I purchased Cardano several months ago and secured it to a Yoroi wallet. Currently, my tokens are staked. I have recently purchased a Ledger NanoX, and I have downloaded the Cardano app on my ledger. Now it says Awaiting Instructions. How do I go about securing my tokens on the Lesger at this point? I’m totally confused.


First… u need to setup ur ledger… to bkp ur 24 seed words… then u must to update it and install cardano app

After that u need to connect via yoroi:

  • add wallet (shelley) - connect ledger.
  • after that u will need to move ur ada from ur simple wallet to ur ledger wallet.

U can try to send a small amount first time… then delete the ledger wallet from yoroi and connect it again… if u see ur ada there meaning u sent them on ledger and u can send now all the balance;


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Here you go mate : Cardano (ADA) – Ledger Support


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I think @Alexd1985 already answered your question. First you need to connect your Ledger Nano X to Yoroi + add Shelley wallet paired to your ledger. And then you need to move your ADA from your old Yoroi wallet to the new Yoroi wallet that’s already paired to your Ledger Nano X.

Hope you can move your ADA safely. Have a nice weekend!

Thanks to all. I managed to stop over complicating this. Good community here. I’m looking forward to the ride.


Happy delegation!