Cardano node crashed on my mac

hi there,
my cardano node crashed and i am not able to reestablish it. i deleted the whole daedalus wallet with every folder and started to download and synchronize it again. after reaching 100%, it opened correctly once and then , after restarting it a few days later, it showed me just the message cardano node crashed.
i’d like to use daedalus as my wallet, but it won’t let me…

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Hi @lazyjack
It sounds like you should be on Cardano 1.4.1 which is Daedalus 0.12.1 based on that you recently downloaded again. Can you check that in the top center of the Daedalus window and let me know?

What you can after you get “Cardano node crashed” is reset the node using the menu Daedalus -> Network Status -> Cardano Node Acations -> Restart and see if it comes back up online.

If the issue persists, there is one user on here who fixed his “Cardano node crashing” issue by adding Daedalus to the new security feature in Mojave called “Full Disk Access” so here is a screen capture of that too.

thanx for your support. will check it tommorow and let you know if it worked!
Quoting Rick McCracken via Cardano Forum

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Ok lazy jack sounds good.