Cardano plus New Balance equals awsome!


So some 4 billion revenue in 2018. Not bad for Cardano’s 2 year birthday. Not bad :slight_smile:


Has anyone seen anything on this from New Balance?

The are going public on it on the 15th of October I believe. They allowed IOHK to scoop them on the announcement as long as not to much was shared.

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This will be more real to me when I see it published in the Press Release section of

Thanks @Donnybaseball for the reply.

Scary thought for Hodler’s for a worldwide organization to use the Cardano platform to pilot material tracking on the blockchain, @jb455 mentioned how long term investors would look for way’s to suppress the price of stock’s initially after they invested, not sure how they benefit from it myself cause that is way beyond my understanding, hopefully, the tactic that he spelled out does not spill over into the ADA ecosystem… I can’t find the thread his comments were in, but its a thought that came up when I read this…

I am not talking about a spike, generally speaking, established investment firms play a long game with thier holding’s, and they do not seek for a huge overnight spike - in fact an overnight spike can hurt thier investment approach, there is alot of work they put into the science of thier growth - which is a plus for Cardano to have New Balance interested in operating on the blockchain here, they see longevity without a spike as a plus, it will be better for New Balance to see Cardano at a lower value after thier announcment than to see a spike, a lower valuation is easier to defend in the market place than a inflated valuation - cause the inflated valuation does not reflect the true value of the operation of the company.

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It won’t be forgotten soon :wink:


RIP 14th of Oct

Maybe 5th of november… Oh well it will come.

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I thought about it but kept with the oryginal date. It still may come true on the 5th of Nov.