TX volume is exploding

Found this interestig chart at adapools.org


Price is going down while TX volume is growing exponentially. Just peaked at 500,000 a day this week. What does this tell you?

They called us ghostchain. They mocked us. Let’s see what they will be saying in a few weeks and months from now once the DEX and dApp’s era arises in Cardano.

You can’t supress the $ADA train for too long folks!


Tells you that most of the crypto investors don’t see ADA for it’s fundamentals. It’s still just another alt coin. This is not going change until we get a lot more active users.

Once we start hitting around 10 million MAU we can hopefully decuple from ‘alt-coin basket’ and be seen as a separate chain.

On a side note. Just spoke to someone yesterday who was trying to convince me that Cardano was a Binance Smart Chain project. :rofl: That should tell you how well informed people are about Cardano.


True, that is why to be honest I think the current dump was great to remove the majority of the speculators, and leave those who are here for the fundamentals

As you said, once the network grows, $ADA will be more than just a coin to make quick money. We still got ways to go

:sweat_smile: if you join Cardano’s fapage facebook groups you’ll see way more iditioc statements than that (not recommended )


Nice chart! Technical and fundamental analysis do not lie. Cardano will acquire a leading role in the crypto universe, after the establishment of the first dApps.

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What are these transactions for? Is there a way to analyse that?

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Perhaps many have moved their Ada to their exchange wallets to sell Ada? Or to be ready for a sale if the price drops further.

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Price and value are different things.

They are mostly sales of CNFTs and tokens.
For example: Hosky CNFT just sold over 120,000 CNFTs in last week and they sold over 70 Trillion $HUSKY tokens in last month. That’s just one project on Cardano.
Pavia digital land sale just completed for 60,000 digital land plots.
Plus a lot of smaller transactions. For example, I bought my 1st Cardano on-chain book last week. I sold MTG card in real life for ADA and I bough Arduino plus electronic parts from my local tech swap/recycle with ADA.

If you consider that there are 3 million active users those transaction numbers are not that large. When DeFi starts up it should be much higher. :+1:


Hopefully so I can get cheaper ADA! :smiley:

Price is just about where it was at the peak in 2017 when the network had around 3000 transactions per day. Using transaction volume as a measure of value, ADA should be worth $100.

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Thanks for that explainer. Sounds plausible.

Where did you bought and sold products using ADA?

I sold a MTG card to a store in Florida. There are many collectable stores that offer payment in crypto since the new reporting rules for PayPal were announced.
For electronic parts we have a local tech swap/ recycle center in Vancouver and you will see if they accept crypto by logos they placed in front of their goods. There are only a few available but it’s usually Bitcoin, Eth, Ada, Dash and LTC.
Also, there are some private adds on craigslits that accept crypto P2P. Mostly for video games and collectables. Like these:


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that’s awesome! With a 6%+ annual inflation cash is becoming increasingly less desirable

I tried connecting one of my ecommerce shops (jewellery) to coinbase commerce. Sadly they don’t accept $ADA yet :frowning:

Did you try Coti’s ADAPAY system?
Here is a medium article that talks about their new updated ADA Pay service (with links):

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