Cardano Proof of Stake Pool Mining Linux Preparation using Google Cloud VM

Can someone do that job for me ? (paid job)


I am hoping this fellow is going to build something “idiot resistant”

Curious to see YOUR contribution to the community, smart boy!

I can deploy node(s) for you. I can also host them. @kyleo on telegram

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My goal in this community is not to earn revenue from a Pool. I just want to participate actively for a decentralized pool ecosystem.

Lets say that you deploy and host my pool. I offer you 100% of the fees. I dont want fresh ADA for now. I just need to have a pool under my name “NostrADAmus Pool”. I just wish to have a “reader only” access to it so I can learn exactly how it works.

Doing all by myself is a risk that my pool wont be profitable for my delegates.

You think it is doable ?

I’m not interested in making money, just helping the network. I’ll PM you

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Lovely. Thank you.

Add a great talk with @kyleo.
Very nice guy.
Have a look at his website.


I am the Idiot :crazy_face:
If he builds something I can’t screw up I will be very pleased.:smiley:

Who is he ? NostrADAmus ?
Do you plan to screw up my pool ?

I apologize for any confusion. He is Yanik Koval (

Nothing I said had anything to do with you. I was just trying to point out that Yanik Koval is building something we all can use. I (me,the idiot in this case) hope it will be so good that I can’t screw it up.


Sorry, my bad tho.