New to Investing in cryptocurrency, I have bought ADA on Crypto dot com, and am looking for ways to become more involved. I manage a web site and blog, Whole Human, and would like to refer readers to CARDANO. Is there a referral or associate program for this?

Thank you.

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There is no referral program. You might however look to creating a Stake Pool and directing your readers there.

A great place to start in the community is Telegram

Can you point me to learning how to create a Stake Pool?

I installed Telegram and visited the thread. Thanks.

I probably should point you to the best guide around, but it does start in the deep end …

I believe you, that it is the best guide around, and you are right, it starts in the deep end… well over my head!

In the 90s I bought TurboPascal and considered programming as a career, but decided to be a writer instead.

Lately it feels I grow less technically-minded. Managing my site on Weebly using an iPad seems my limit.

I may have to leave staking and such to the naturally inclined. But, I also have a streak of perseverance, so if I get a vision for it and beginners instructions, there is still a choice.


This one grew organically from out of the original testnet. I used it many many times. It has some limits, like it is only a single node that is sometimes difficult to keep in synch. It is easy to follow and might be a good place to start. If you have troubles Chris is a great dude. he is in the F&F probably as a result of this guide!

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