Starting a staking pool on the ITN

Hi Everybody.

Although I know this is a weird question to ask, I’m going to ask it anyway.

We’re looking to start a new staking pool but didn’t have coins on the mainnet during the snapshot for the ITN. Due to this we can’t fund our wallet and therefor can’t register our staking pool properly.

At this moment we’re at the stage where we have the technical resources in place and can start immediately when that last box is ticked.

The question I have is whether someone would like to help us out and donate a small portion (I believe at least 1000 (T)ADA is sufficient) of their testnet ADA to the following address to help us get started with our journey into helping the ADA network with another full node:


Please note: To help us out you need the Daedalus ITN wallet that you can find here, when you’ve got that wallet you can retrieve your coins using the same address you have on the mainnet to retrieve your test ADA. In addition to that I would like to mention that you’re not sending your real coins to us. You’re sending the coins that are currently present on the testnet.

Thank you very much in advance for helping us out!

Best regards,