Is the incentive program for Stake Pool Operators a permanent program?

I am seeing mixed information as i ramp up on the opportunities in the Cardano community. Thanks for your help.

I was just about to dive in and set myself up as a Stake Pool Operator and build out a node, but I am seeing mixed info about the status of ITN, moving forward.

Can someone offer an answer on whether there is an incentive program still live and any info on whether it’s temporary or expected to continue? Thanks!


The ITN no longer active - however the network itself is still alive.
So now the active project is the Shelley mainnet.

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Hello Laplasz, thanks for your response.

Before I dive in and get a server/node going, I am trying to determine if it’s still worth the effort for small stake pool operators. I would be starting out staking all of my crypto but without anything compared to the large pools. Other than participating in the community, is there any incentive to set up a server with the current model? In other words, where is the info on whether small stake pool operators will even likely ever get to participate in the output/productivity of the overall network? I appreciate the help. The old stuff is all mixed in with the new current stuff, so it’s difficult to find solid information for newbies just onboarding to the community. Thanks much.