What is Verified ITN Ticker Pool?

Some pools at Pooltool.io have a green tick next to their ticker. I had a question that what is the tick exactly? How could I get this tick for my pool which is in mainnet? and if getting this Verified ITN ticker pool could help with the ranking of my pool in wallets for delegation?


There was a incentivized testnet phase, where pool operators could start running nodes.

After that shelley mainnet was the next movement. that flare is indicating that the node was registered during the ITN phase.
No, there is no affect on ranking.

Thanks for your quick reply. So if I have only created my pool recently in the shelley mainnet no need for me to get the verified ITN ticker pool?

so - if you did not run pool on ITN means you can not get an ITN ticker.


I still have a question. If I could get the verified ITN ticker now for my pool or the incentivized phase has been finished?

yes, the ITN finished - now we are in the shelley mainnet phase.