Registered our staking pool in ITN with Cardano Foundation, but our ticker is not visible in Daedalus

Hello Cardano friends,

we cannot figure out why our running Stakepool is not visible in the Deadalus Incentivised Testnet v1 rewards wallet, does somebody have the same issue?

we used jomangandr 0.8.5 and the

  • config from wget hydra dot iohk dot io/build/1523436/download/1/nightly-config.yaml
  • and genesis-hash 9409af111b04896c756c1cee3b7f9bae8b9ed1843c9e0a5f07d92ab9b62f6f78
    We are confused if we can use the nightly configs or only others (which ones then?) to be listed in Incentivised test net

the stake pool on our service seems to be running fine (executed a while ago)?

./jcli rest v0 node stats get --host “http dot //”

blockRecvCnt: 40039
lastBlockContentSize: 0
lastBlockDate: “107.6993”
lastBlockFees: 0
lastBlockHash: c190fc494e62419b584a934c12e0e098a3ccd4ad592071a1d4d46fb615992b88
lastBlockHeight: “71801”
lastBlockSum: 0
lastBlockTime: “2019-12-31T13:21:59+00:00”
lastBlockTx: 0
lastReceivedBlockTime: “2019-12-31T13:21:59+00:00”
state: Running
txRecvCnt: 96
uptime: 342221
version: jormungandr 0.8.5-3db0680

JSON config for Cardano foundation:
“owner”: “ed25519_pk10p025lfe406p49qcqaxqyuclmun6cex36z2chvarrkrmfmauakjqha0usy”,
“name”: “”,
“description”: “We love to make you Ada!”,
“ticker”: “ACLUB”,
“homepage”: “”,
“pledge_address”: “addr1s4u9a2na8x4lgx55rqr5cqnnrl0j0try68gftzan5vwc0d80hnk6gg9v5u8”

Pull request for Cardano Foundation:

Pull request is merged and approved by an admin, so it is ok and should be listed in Daedalus under “ACLUB”, but it is not? Or is the problem the missing webpage?

Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

As it is a knight version, it must be an incentive version to appear in the wallet.

Hello [11111112],

thanks for your reply. I am not shure if I understand.
From here we used the genesis hash of [v0.8.5-alpha1] , because we are running the v.0.8.5 of jomangandr.
Should we have used itn_rewards_v1 [v0.8.3] 8e4d2a343f3dcf9330ad9035b3e8d168e6728904262f2c434a4f8f934ec7b676 ?

yes And you have to have a small amount of test ada, you can’t make it without it.

A that was our mistake. We got so confused with the jomangandr configurations because of different version numbers, thinking they might are not compatible with each other.

Also, for the funding of the account we used
**curl -X POST which might only have worked because we used the nightly configuration with the nightly genesis hash?

So what can we do now?
Restart jomangandr with the “Cluster” (never described anywhere) itn_rewards_v1 [v0.8.3] with genesis hash of 8e4d2a343f3dcf9330ad9035b3e8d168e6728904262f2c434a4f8f934ec7b676 ?

If you participated in the incentive ada, you can, but otherwise you can’t get any money. You have to wait until the main net comes out. I wait the same

An alternative is to create a steak pool if someone with teste ada sends 550ada to your account. But no one helps.

Paste your address here we will give you some 600 test ada :slight_smile:

Thank you so much friend. Received the test ada from you for the first time in this world.
I would like to send you the actual 600 ada with gratitude.
Please send your actual address. I will send it to you

my pleasure :slight_smile: Just sent it, did you receive? If so, delete your address or mark it as addr1… for our privacy.

Thank. I want to send a real ada friend
And please let me know when your pool created.
I will help you pool

What do you mean by grass?

Dd… thanks received :slight_smile:

pool ^^
sent 700ada ^^v Please confirm
You are my first friend to deal with me in this world. Thank you.
The pool is also completed.
where are you country?

Yes I have received your ada, thanks! You have already setup your pool? Great, congrats! With me, the jomangandr node does not sync unfortunately.

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