what is minimum configuration required or suggested to run cardano-rest?
Ex: RAM, CPU,…

I assume you are running this on the same machine as the db-sync component.

If so, a Linux machine running headless (ie without X/Wayland) with two cores, 8Gig of RAM and 256G of disk space (preferably SSD) would be a safe lower bound to run it with a low query rate (ie < 1 request per minute). As you hit it harder, the first thing to increase is the number of cores and then maybe double the RAM.

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This configuration for both mainnet and testnet?

That was a configuration for mainet. For any of the existing testnets, the requirements would only be lower.

Can you tell me the configuration on testnet? I have to build service for both mainnet and testnet.

Sorry, I don’t understand what that you mean, I want to know exact that to run a cardano-rest on testnet, what minimum configuration need. (I am using AWS to create my server, so I need to know minimum core, RAM,… to save my money)

The size of testnet chain is increasing quickly, and as @erikd suggested, sizing will be dependent on your polling intervals. Its not one-for-all requirement. You are currently able to run it on 2 vCPU, 4GB machine, but this could soon be insufficient - note that running it does not mean it will be able to handle a load of requests.

If you want to keep the price for testnet to minimum , an option you might want to consider is starting your own testnet chain to keep your tests in a controlled environment.


ok, I understand now, thank for your help @erikd, @rdlrt