Cardano Wallet. Hardware requirements

Hello! I can’t find hardware requirements for Cardano Wallet ( GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-wallet: HTTP server & command-line for managing UTxOs and HD wallets in Cardano. )

Any suggestions, please

Hi, I haven’t used the Cardano Wallet yet, but as it needs to communicate with the Cardano Node process I’d assume you can go with the Cardano Node requirements as a starting point.


Assuming you are wanting this for development purposes


quad-core cpu
16 GB ram
50 GB+ free disk
internet connection


32+ GB ram
wired gigabit over fiber internet connection

If you are not a developer, minting, etc then save yourself some pain and suffering and just use an existing reputable lite wallet app. Hell even if you are a developer you might be better off using instead …

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Well, blockfrost can help me with monitoring new blocks and new transaction this is true. But sending is much better, as I understand, with wallet. Simply because I don’t need to handle outputs etc… So I will use blockfrost and wallet together.

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