Cardano Speakers' Bureau?

Hello again! Some of you may recall that I am searching for a Cardano expert who could give laypeople (e.g. local service clubs, local public radio listeners) a glimpse into Cardano and its growing importance. Based upon previous replies I found a 2006 TED talk by Don Tapscott that was quite good. Still, I am looking for a “live” person over a recorded presentation
. I just viewed a Charles Hoskinson video that is very recent. In that discussion Mr. Hoskinson stated that there is a lot of work to do in getting the word out about Cardano…to average people not experts. He mentioned the first name of a person whom he has brought on board to help…her name was “Liza.” Does anyone know how I might contact Liza and/or find out more about this public relations initiative? Thanks so much, Brian Reynolds, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA.

2016! :rofl:

Could that name have been Eva, as mentioned in this post?

Thanks, Robin. I may have misheard the person’s name but, surely, if something like this is happening at Cardano “Central” (creation of some sort of Speakers’ Bureau) then we could discover it and maybe take advantage of some sort of Speakers’ Bureau? Or, maybe I am wrong. To me, it just seems intuitive that the important changes in society due to the evolution of Cardano beg for an “army” of people who know the facts but also have the ability to tailor a presentation to a particular audience.

In gratitude, Brian Reynolds

Could we have an official @Cardano comment in here please?

Robin, It has been a long time since you posted a reply that asked Cardano “Central” to respond about the existence (or not) of a Speakers’ Bureau. It seems to me that a central goal of Cardano is to get more people aware of this complex yet important topic. Is there anything you or I can do to push this question closer to the top? To get an actual response? You will recall that I want to: 1) invite a speaker for my Rotary Club; and, 2) record that speaker on local public radio (KCBX FM in our area of California’s Central Coast). I have found an excellent TED talk by Don Tapscott but it dates from 2006. Thanks for your patience and persistence, Brian Reynolds

Your best bet is probably to contact CF direct: