Cardano Stake Pool Hardware Images

With Charles touting the RockPi we thought it might be fun to see what others are going to operate on, hardware wise.

One of our Cardano relay nodes operating at sub 5 watts!

A Udoo x86 (had these around the shop, a better industrial option today would be the Fujitsu D3544-S, using in remote edge locations):


Now let’s see yours :wink:


Hi… What repository should I use ? I would like to try on ARM based boards like snapdragon 410… I have some and they run Linux/Android like UDOO ? Please advise!

(Switched category to Developers as more appropriate.)

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POE ? Thank you.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3544-S

Direct Link

Data Sheet PDF
FUJITSU Mainboard D3544-S Mini-STX Industrial Series

Only bummer for us is not ECC & Dual GbE LAN onboard, only one is Intel NIC port

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