Cardano Watchdogs - This Time It's about YOU!


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What people are you referring to?


So you think these people had selfish ambitions? ??


I can only speak from my own experience. Its “denied of death,” immortality project, the martyrdom, a heroic exit. It’s a type of a “high,” makes your one transcendent experience feel like popping caffeine pills in comparison, takes your best “flow state” and extends it by a lifetime as long as you stay within the parameters of the character you’ve created for yourself. Whatever it was for them, themselves they did it for, never for you “the people.”


Sometimes people do things to help other people just because it seems like the thing to do.


I give a dollar to a homeless man when I see one, it doesn’t say anything about my character…not really. I mentioned before “people are only as good as the world allows them to be, you’ll see when chips are down, these civilized people…they’ll eat each other.” That’s not just a quote from “the dark knight,” :smile: it’s Artauds “theater and the plague.” Growing up in a post soviet country, where millions of people’s world suddenly collapsed, I can tell you a thing or two on what people’s true nature is like when they’re stripped of all falseness and self delusion. Homo homini lupus.

Hate to end it on a depressing note, let’s add some General Iroh here as well :smile:; “If you look for the light, you can often find it. But if you look for the dark that is all you will ever see.“


Look at what people do not what they say for the real charachter. This other group keep attacking. Meanwhile:

  • Watchdogs helped change Cardano Foundation
  • Continue to monitor Cardano Foundation situation and WILL ask tough questions if it is needed.
  • Contribute in community with several debates ranging from wording on getting clarity on if there still is a set limit on ADA to how rewards are distributef.
  • Supported and engaged fellow community members who want to contribute in marketing and adoption of ADA
  • Made research summaries and discussed a potential legal DSL for Cardano
  • Proposed several ideas to how community can be engaged better like social council while still in a respectfull manner and ensuring the tree entities have the final say
  • Tracked weekly statistics on metrics of community growth
  • Made a transparant plan on future of watchdogs (
    In the last document you can also read more on our contributions and plan for future.

Meanwhile at this point I am pretty sure quite many are seeing through this rubbish and attacks. I will keep focusing on working with the community and waist as little energy as possible on such debates. Actions speak louder than words.


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I have to disagree, respectfully. There are always exceptions to the rule. Of course, everybody is being influenced by the world around, his past and experiences but finally it is all about your own decision. One has to decide, what kind of human being he‘d wants to be, and it is never to late to start changing your mindset. Sure, everybody has a breaking point when it comes to resistance, but you can train yourself to shift it - and already this alone can make a huge difference on what you are trying to achieve. Wearing rose colored glasses from time to time, can be helpful on this.


What are you disagreeing? The inherent nature of men? Are there exceptions to the rule, of course there are. Marcus Aurelius is the go to example. Every time someone argues the inherent wickedness of men, someone else holds up Marcus Aurelius as counter arugument. But there are very few “marcus aurelius” types in history, some may argue he was peerless. I am not advocating a pessimistic view of human nature. I’m simply stating that I automatically mistrust people that peddle “altruistic values,” something Marcus Aurelius would never do. I rather be approach from a game theory angle than some altruistic philosophy that insults my intelligence.


Sorry, didn‘t know how to quote here. My comment was about [quote=“SeanAlimov, post:18, topic:19738”]
I wish that was the case, I’m afraid not. You’re simply wearing rose colored glasses. People are only as good as the world allows them to be.

Even if there is only one such person on earth we all know, then - from a logical and statistical point of view - it’s not likely he or she is the only one. Of course, it is probably the minority, but the fact we only know a few doesn’t automatically mean, there are just a few. I know some least selfish people myself - all average people…no heroes.

A different part of this topic of course is the human nature itself. I‘d never deny that there is a wolf in every single one of us. I also know, giving actually is a selfish action too, because you get your dopamine dosis every time you give, but this was given to us by the evolution to our benefition. So, why not use it without denying the underlying principles of nature? It’s not about being better than the others but being less worse than them.

However, it’s an interesting and huge topic. Maybe we can discuss it in person one day.


He’s considered peerless because no one has ever wielded as much power as he did, subjected to the level of temptation he was and managed not to go completely bad. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…except in Marcus Aurelius’s case. That’s why he’s such an exception. I agee this is a wider topic of discussion, perhaps we can continue it someday.


I thought this internal infighting was already over since 2 months ago. it seems like it hasn’t yet.

  • question - why do we need to be skeptical about someone’s intention when instead we all should be looking at the positive side of what others are trying to do for the benefit of Cardano ecosystem?
  • If the concerns and the insecurities that others have are owing to the “thunder” being stolen by another group of community whose intention is only to promote the growth of cardano awareness and making sure we have another layer of check and balance, then let’s be honest to ourselves and admit it instead of accusing others of having financial gain and manipulating others.
  • So what if @bercinho or myself invested heavily or as little as 1 ADA? Come and think of it, we were not here to promote FUD and talk bad about Cardano.
    They were here to form a group that will increasingly add values to Cardano. In fact in the my view, the more group that are being formed the better it is for the Cardano and its hodlers.
  • If there is one group who can do better than others in leading the Cardano growth, what’s is the reason we are not giving them the support they need as the good things they might bring to the table are only going to be positive for Cardano in the long run, a rising tide will lift all the boats, everyone will gain, wouldn’t it?
  • the fact that we are able to choose Cardano over other platforms and spend time coming into Cardano forum to exchange ideas already show that we have some kind of cognitive abilities, analytical skills and a degree of wisdom. Look at the bigger picture.
  • there a lot of work cut for us if our hope is to make Cardano become the top 3 market cap in CME. Instead of spending time debating small petty stuff, let’s collaborate, encourage each other and create synergy among us in making this happen. More importantly, put our insecurities, ego and skeptics aside.
  • In years to come, and when our wish comes true that Cardano becomes the top 3 in CME, we will have a laugh at this stupid infighting act.


I think that this is nothing we need to care about. We should do everything so that the Cardano environment can flourish and is able to do what it is supposed to do. If that happens than I’m sure the market cap will follow. Therefore I like activities that help interested people to inform about Cardano but I’m very sceptical about projects that just advertises it to get more people invested now which I think does not help in the long run.

The insane ongoing fight between the ex-guardians for sure does not help Cardano. It may be hard for all the strong personalities to ignore each other but for the sake of Cardano please stop your personal attacks. You do no good.


This is not such a project, period.

If you think that someone seeing “Cardano” on your LinkedIn profile runs immediately to blindly invest in ADA then you are totally wrong.

It raises awareness for crypto and particularly Cardano. You let the one who notices “Cardano” to do the journey himself and learn about cryptocurrencies, then specifically about Cardano.

It’s not an advertisement to buy ADA. I also like that the cryptocurrency of Cardano has a different name! Deliberately it’s not “ADA” we should raise awareness for, but this beautiful project.

Anyone who thinks that we do not need our Community to be expanded with new passionate, intelligent and motivated people from our network, why do you feel you should have the right to be here instead of anyone else who has not heard about Cardano and might possibly be as good or even better, more constructive and collaborative Community Member then any of us?

Also don’t exclude the likelihood that some might be inspired & decide in the end to build an amazing DAPP on Cardano.

I am stunned how good ideas are lost because of personal biases…


I did not attack anyone personally, the whole response was merely to give a different perspective in looking at things ( the positive side of it ) and credits to be given when it’s due to those former members who had done alot for GoC previously in pressuring Parson into resignation while also proactively having ideas in preventing those situation from taking place again. It’s good to appreciate them instead of having skepticism of their intention. Fact of the matter her was that, they were actively pursuing a more positive path in guarding Cardano, all the postings are here in the forum and it’s for all to see. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the reasons as to why those active/pro-active GoC member were not supported but got constant attacks and were accused of financial gains and manipulations. Does it make you more happier if we come here every day in forum and spread FUD about Cardano or do you prefer us to spread awareness, mitigate potential risks it might have and add values to Cardano?


I think, my post has been completely misunderstood. Sorry for not being clear enough.

That’s nothing I ever said. You even got a like for it from me. If your read my post again, you’ll find:

and this I think is exactly the same you are saying. We shouldn’t look at the market cap but on the great possibilities that lay before us. I appreciate the work that the Guardians as well as the Watchdogs have done so far. I appreciate the work of ALL of the former Guardians for Cardano. And I feel that it’s very damaging when I read personal attacks in between the same people as here between @RobJF, @Haskell-plus and @bercinho If everyone of you could just stick to your great work for the community and stop bashing the other, that would be so much better for all of you, the rest of us and for Cardano.

The part about the fights wasn’t meant to be about you, sorry if you read my post that way. I liked your post very much, just not the last part about the market cap.


What i really I mean is the preferred blockchain platform to be used for dApps development in the future owing to its security, scalability and interoperability, hence erc20 tokens like might be issued and locked up during crowdfunding periods, obviously that will raise Cardano to top of the table. I jumped straight to CMC to cut short of my explanation. :slight_smile:


Huh? Investing in Cardano now doesn’t help either the Cardano project or the person investing, in the long run?

So you condone putting energy into providing information about Cardano to people who already know about Cardano, but not putting energy into introducing new people to Cardano?

I don’t get it.