Cardano web3 on mobile, gatekeeper

it seems to me that if I want to participate in web3 I need a browser wallet, but to add a browser wallet I need to ‘sign in to chrome and enable syncing’ All this on android mind…

or am I missing something here?

I don’t think I ever needed to sign in or sync Chromium or Brave to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Or does

mean that you want to do it on mobile?

Wouldn’t recommend that. Support is a bit patchy there. dApps cannot connect from a browser to another app.

So, you’re restricted to the things that are available inside the (few) browser wallets. For Eternl, only the dApps that did the integration to be in Eternl’s dApp browser. For Flint, they have some “deep link” concept that seems to allow all, but I never tested it.

Yes, if you want to use native mobile apps, you probably have to login to the Google Play Store (but still no need to sync). No Cardano wallet app on F-Droid unfortunately, as far as I know.

You can use the Eternl web app version at And you can install it as a PWA (progressive web app, “save to home screen”). Then it is almost the same as the native app without going through the Play Store.

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yes, mobile, I do realize that dapps can’t connect to other apps… Well basicly I wanted to fuff about with minswap on mobile, but it seems that wont happen without google then I guess…

As said: web app and using minswap in Eternl’s dApp browser should work well.

I shall try that! thx

aaah wait, but no, Still need to browser extension for that like the other :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit; no wait again, I missunderstood this “Eternl’s dApp browser”

Try Yoroi dapp

Is the device linked to a business account with Google? Sometimes that requires the sign in? doesn’t require download and sign in but it may not be the best option for you depending on what you’re looking to do.