Catalyst voting rewards

Do I get a reward for catalyst voting? If so exactly what do I do. I have an account there and I know today is the 12th. Thx

Cardano Catalyst Guide / youtube big pey / 25.09.20

Yes, you will get some rewards

"Key dates:

  • 11 August 2021: Fund6 launched at Town Hall with a Charles Hoskinson keynote presentation
  • 12 August 2021: Innovation phases begin: Insight sharing – to share perspectives on challenges
  • 19 August 2021: Proposal submission opens: 1 week for proposers to submit draft ideas to IdeaScale
  • 26 August 2021: Refine ideas: Community provides structured feedback and Proposers edit proposals
  • 9 September 2021: Deadline to finalize proposals and register community advisors for the assessment stage
  • 7 October 2021: Fund6 voting begins
  • 1st week of November: Fund6 winners announced"
    IOHK Blog 13.08.21 Catalyst Fund 6

Nope. I have the pin and Square.

It did not let me vote, and the next vote is October )October 7!

I appreciate all your help. I’ll try on 10/7.

Are you on the apple app on my telephone? Idon’t see the same menu!