Catalyst Weekly #80 - Town Hall #129 & 50M ada to embrace ada economy

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This week brought a thunderous round of news related to Fund10 Launch. The budget of 50M ada, the full ada denomination across the fund, the updates to categories, etc. More on that further below but if you have little time to spare - check this latest blog post published this week to catch you up to speed right away or rewatch this timestamped segment where Kriss Baird introduces the latest updates.

Meanwhile, we also held our classic broadcast elements with the three community project close out presentations. First we watched the video from a project that was seeking to teach student associations about Cardano and Catalyst, called ALOHA. One of the largest of its kind in France. Second, WADA has presented a close out for their auditability challenge project called Auditing African Proposals where about 120 projects were closely examined and looked at in detail. Find out more about this effort here. And lastly, final report from Pool Topology & Block Propagation tool funded under Developer Ecosystem.

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Town Hall #129

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50,000,000 ada to embrace ada economy


F10 Timeline

During this week’s town hall the Catalyst team provided an in-depth analysis of the progress made during the extended Fund9 cooldown. The full run down can be re-watched here via timestamped segment from Kriss Baird, Catalyst Product Lead. They also highlighted some exciting new updates to anticipate in Fund10.

Key takeaways? Fund10 budget is now set at an all time high of 50M ada. New special categories. Tentative time has also been established as per timeline graphic above.

The team also published a Fund10 blog post announcing the relaunch of Project Catalyst hot on the heels of its 500th completed project! This blog post explains the vision, mission, and values of Project Catalyst and the new features and improvements introduced in Fund10.

Some of these features include:

  • Milestone-based funding module - UI and workflow for transparency and security
  • The continuous testnet - enabling a running fund to test new iterations of Project Catalyst
  • A new challenge-setting process that allows the community to propose and vote for each fund’s most relevant and impactful challenges
  • A new process that simplifies and streamlines the steps for creating and submitting a proposal
  • Voting app improvements that enable secure and convenient voting on mobile devices
  • A new feedback mechanism that allows proposers and voters to communicate and collaborate more effectively
  • A new governance framework that defines the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in Project Catalyst.

Watch out for more information on how you can participate, which will be shared in the coming days!

Weekly GitHub Repo Round Up

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Caught my attention

Have you seen this second episode of the documentary that tells the story of Plutus Hackaton in Argentina in 2022 and its outcomes for the Cardano developers ecosystem, connecting the stories of this community and share them with the world. You can catch the original tweet here and full video episode on YouTube here. Amazing and inspiring.

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