Challenges with SundaeSwap

I have successfully moved my SundaeSwap tokens from my Daedalus Wallet to the Gero Wallet. I successfully connect my Gero Wallet to SundaeSwap, click on “max” to sell all my Sundae for Ada. I keep getting “insufficient balance” message, even though I have enough Ada to cover the transaction-this happens even if I decrease the amount of Sundae to trade. I tried restoring my Gero seed phrase to Eternl wallet- I pinned it in my Chrome browser extension, but Sundae won’t connect to it-keeps having me open a new browser tab to download the extension, even though I have it.
Thank you in advance for any help:)

Have you activated the dApp connector on the summary page in Eternl?

I don’t know if just selling needs collateral. Have you set it in the settings?

sorry for the delay, work… I got it. Needed a few more Ada in my wallet. Doesn’t specify this so confusing. Thank you!