Chang related

May i ask a question . Mithril had difficulty getting 50% of staked ADA to be signers! What chances do we have of the Chang hardfork happening with 70% of SPOs upgrading to Cardano node version 9.0.0

I think theres a huge difference between mithril and the change hard frok. While its normal and every SPO has to update their nodes from time to time, Mithril is a seperate software which has to be installed and configured.

Also keep in mind that we dont need 70% of the pools to update, we are aiming for 70% of the stake to be delegated to upgraded pools, but even that isnt an on-chain rule. So in theory IOG & CF & Emurgo could initiate the hardfork whenever they want, but obviosuly it makes no sense if there isnt enough backup in the community.


Had? We still have only 4,59B₳…