Changing Pool Metadata on an already running pool

I am working through changing my metadata using the Coincashew guide- specifically section 18.4.
However- when I get to the section “Find your balance and UTXOs” It is giving me a cardano-cli:Network. Socket.connect: socket:11: does not exist (No such file or directory) Total ADA balance: 0 Number of UTXOs:0

Could anyone toss me a lifeline?
The pool has been functional for months if that is helpful.


how is the status of the node? It’s running/synced?

Probably u need to export the socket type:

export CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH=~/cardano-node/db/node.socket
source .bashrc

Now check again

Thanks for the help- that command yields bash: export: ‘bashrc’ : not a valid identifier

Try this

echo export CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH="$NODE_HOME/db/socket" >> $HOME/.bashrc
source $HOME/.bashrc

following your command, it did not reject it but when I went on to the next step I get a similar result- I think its a step in the right direction

I still get the socket:11 does not exist (NO such file or directory)

Can u share the glive output?

By running ps auxf | grep cardano you can check where that socket file is located. If you are not sure how to check send us the output of the command.

From the answers you gave I was able to get through resubmitting my operation certificate with my adjusted meta data- but the main reason I was doing this was to see if that was the reason my pool was not showing in Daedelus or Yoroi. I only completed this change 3 days ago and understand that it may take 2 epochs to get fully synced- but- I find the pool in pooltool, adapools and poolvet- they inform me my online relay is not online I guess. My glive shows ample peers in and out- my BP is fully functioning-

May I ask what an expert would make of this situation? Thanks for the help

what is the ticker? And also can u share the glive output for ur relay?


quack is the ticker

You have an error with the dns, did u checked if the dns is responding to ping?

On the relay is not reacheble… that’s why the pool is not visible on yoroi


relayuser@relayroot:~/cardano-my-node$ ping
ping: Name or service not known

I have an A entry in my DNS management with the actual ip address of the pool- I will have to do some more looking at this conundrum

There is no A record visible for the relaynode1 subdomain.

When did you add it? There are DNS zone lifetimes (specified in your zone file) and sometimes that time needs to exceed before it’s visible (usually it doesn’t take that long). Another issue might be misconfiguration or time required for your provider to propagate the changes to their DNS servers… but usually that doesn’t last longer than an hour or two, so I’d check again for misconfiguration.

Thanks to both of you- I did have an A record but it wasnt quite right- It is now and my pool is live on Yoroi. This is a great day. I appreciate your help! QUACK!!

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