Charged two transaction fees by mistake on Yoroi wallet

I’m new to the Cardano community and decided to take part in staking. After lots of reading I downloaded the Yoroi wallet, chose a pool and delegated my ADA to it. The first time I clicked delegate button, nothing happened so I clicked it again. As a result the system thought I completed two transactions when I’m fact I only completed one. Since there was a glitch in the system and I had to click the delegate button twice I feel like I should get one of the transaction fees back. Does anyone know who I can contact about this. I’ve tried FB Messenger to contact Yoroi but they have not read any of my messages. I am having a rough time trying to find customer support for my issue. This makes me hesitant over future transaction. When dealing with money, you would think there would be someone you can speak to for help. Any info is appreciated. I know .17 is not much now, but in the future it could be worth a lot more and I want to keep as much of my ADA as I can. Thank you!

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Not sure if we could consider that a ‘glitch’, a transaction - once submitted to chain, can take a few seconds/minutes to appear. Re-doing that transaction without possibly waiting or verifying if previous one was done correctly (especially when you didnt receive any error suggesting it failed) would cause you a seperate transaction fee indeed. Had it failed, you would have got an error :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, when you are new to the Ap and you are not given any indication showing your transaction is pending, it is natural for people to think it didn’t take the first time. I waited for a min and nothing happened, so I pressed the button again and then it immediately worked. If it’s not a glitch it’s still misleading, there should be a circle that spins showing you the transaction is pending. I still do not think this was fair to charge me twice. Thank you for your input but if someone has information on how to contact Customer Support that would be greatly appreciated. I will continue to Google search and try everything I can to find someone who can help me. Maybe this post can at least serve as a heads up to people, that if a mistake is made on the Yoroi Ap, it’s impossible to find customer support to help you with your problem and to not click button twice, if it doesn’t take the first time, then be prepared to pay a double fee.

This just happened to me as well. Wondering what your eventual outcome was.

I gave up. Everything I did just lead to someone trying to scam me. I would rather pay the extra .17 ADA, then let someone rob me blind.

Fyi, for the record. Happened to a friend also. Double staking fee charged in Yoroi?