I got double charged whrn i delegated some ada

Couple weeks ago i decided to delegate some ada on a node through yoroi on ios. It was a sleek process until i noticed i got double charged. I created a ticket on emurgo helpdesk. They replied in about 12 days… i also cannot see any returns while it has already been 2 epochs. Nor an option to take my funds back. I might just be a bit illiterste but this doesn’t feel user friendly or transparent. I am open for suggestions. Thank you.

There is a deposit of 2 ADA when you delegate a stake address for the first time. In addition you pay fees (e.g. 0.16 ADA) every time you delegate to a different pool. In case you want to abandon that wallet, you can deregister the stake key, which will pay the deposit back to you. For security reasons, it is a good idea to use a hardware wallet (e.g. Ledger)

I am starting to think that this is a bug. Because i am clearly double charged. I delegated my funds only once. Maybe i pressed the button twice there but what is the point of charging me a second 0.17ADA for delegating 0 ADA then charge me for another 0.17 ADA while i literally have 0 ada in my own wallet since all my funds are in the stakepool? This is the part i didn’t get. Here is an ss to prove.

I may be ok, because registering a stake address with the network requires one Tx and delegating to a stake pool another. I’m not sure whether both can be done in the same Tx.

This looks you were scammed by a fake wallet. On cardano your ADA stay in your wallet while staking. The 2 official wallets are.

It is yoroi that i m using???

Whom shall i talk to? The people behind the staking pool? People at the yoroi wallet although we had a really unpeoductive talk with them via emurgo where they basically say we don’t charge for anything extra and completely ignore the fact that i got double charged? Do you know why some smart people are scared of crypto? This is the exact reason. The scale of my transaction is really small and the fee is also. But imagine if it wasn’t. Imagine not being able to talk to anyone related to this, imagine there is no way you can get your money back? I don’t really care for that 0.17 ada but they should care for the reputation of their project, as it is supposedly representing a clockwork, trustable mean of valuating anything.

If I understand correctly, this might as well have been a user error. In any case, its more likely a fluke than a substantial problem, otherwise we would be seeing this at a much larger scale.

For you personally it could and probably even should mean, to use a HW wallet for your crypto transactions. No software however buggy it may be, can spent (more of) your crypto unless you consent by pressing the buttons on the device.

It also proves how incapable and untrustworthy yoroi team are in building a wallet software which is not just “a software”. You cannot just say this is a software it can have bugs. Unless you want to be accused of incompetent developers.

Lets put it straight. If i press a button saying delegate, and i delegate all my funds, even though i press it again you cannot delegate anything since i already delegated all my funds paid the 2.2 ada deposit plus 0.17 ada fee.

If i press that button you should simply notify me saying you don’t have sufficient funds.

Me being have to explain this proves yoroi developers doesn’t really know(or care) what they are doing(building a financial transaction app/wallet/staking platform). And you sir telling me that this is user fault proves your ignorance in coding of fianncial apps and lack of desire to help.

I am extremely disappointed with the support i got from yoroi so far.

Please bear in mind these few poins.
To be able to stake, your wallet need to have a staking key. That costs 2ADA deposit.+ a transaction fee.
You do not delegate your ADA, you delegate your wallet.
Your Ada stay in your wallet all the time.

I am not surprised Yoroi support cannot help you since your claim defy reality.
Could you share your wallet transaction histoty?

You can see it above pal. Here have another one.

I don’t see a problem here.

Your balance was 20.70 ADA.
You registered your wallet address for delegatioon for the 1st time. That’s 2 ADA (Delegation fee) + 0.174257 ADA transaction fee to pay that 2 ADA (you get 2 ADA back if you deregister you wallet from delegation.)
Then you chose a stake pool to delegate to which also incurs a transaction fee. In this case 0.172761 ADA.
Your left over balance shows 18.352982 ADA
(2.0 + 0.174257)[Registering fee + transaction for registering fee] + 0.172761 [Transaction fee for selecting a stake pool] + 18.352982 remaining ADA = 20.70 ADA that you started with.

I really don’t see the issue here.