Charles update from Mongolia

A+ rant!


Many may have been really confused to the core when they named Cardano enterprise to Atala since it doesn’t have Cardano or ADA in the name and is used for private entities. As much as I like the creative naming scheme around the Cardano ecosystem, branding still has a great effect to people’s impression.

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IOHK is a diversified engineering firm leveraging knowledge gains from project to project. Clients pay them to perfect a contract within a certain time frame; if all goes well, everybody wins. What Charles does of course is leverage new project knowledge into greater IOHK competitiveness; this is exactly what I do, what we all do in our own way.

As investors, we naturally want Cardano to be IOHK’s center of attention; this is normal and to be expected. Charles has an incentive to maximize project interoperability eg. Cardano and Atala, and to maximize economies of scale from client to client. Achieving the former doesn’t automatically translate to the later, but it doesn’t necessarily require compromise either, especially in a new domain.

I’ll repeat here the observations I’ve made elsewhere in the forum. What I see is a perplexed, frustrated, and sometimes angry guy conveying essentially the same message over and over again. In my view, he commits the right response by the wrong delivery; unfortunately, this may be causing a variety of unintended consequences.

Maybe there is something in what you are saying but I am not getting it probably it is just me.

I think what he’s saying is that Charles, in his videos, gives us a proper answer to clear up the confusion from the delays and misinformation of Atala. However, the way he honestly speaks his mind may have some effect on how the information is perceived. For example he could just talk about looking at potential effects of PoW on Cardano and many “news” sites will interpret it as “PoW coming to Cardano”