Chico crypto!

Hi there everybody,
Came across on youtube this guy
Chico crypto who is always saying very nasty,
Things about our leader charles h ,it little hurts me guys to hear and see this guy speaking this nonsens you must see his vlogs on youtube.
Look at the last ones there is one something like look what charles did part 1&2 take a look
Let me know your thoughts.i can say you guys
I was very angry to see it.
Calling names to my hero charles h.

You dislike this so much, why do you want people to see it? You’re just boosting his figures. People are better off ignoring such stuff, in time it will fade away.

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Boosting only if i sad nice things about this idiot
Its true i get my emotions running on the loose when my no 1 investment gets attacked the only project i have a huge faith and believe in.since
Ico i am in the vission love the great team.cheers.

Whether you say it’s good or bad, if you make more people see it then his viewing figures go up. These people should be starved of publicity, not fed.


yeah someone should inform this guy it’s cardano not corona before he drinks himself into a coma