We are the Defenders of Truth and Justice! On Chico Crypto!

Hi all, I would like to believe that we are all the defenders of truth and justice!

We need to call out wrong when we see it and, in my opinion, Chico Crypto has stepped too far!

It’s no secret that he has a profound and unhealthy dislike for Charles Hoskinson and the Cardano Project, and he is certainly scraping the bottom of the barrel when trying to come up with mud to throw always coming up with nothing, therefore is forced to fabricate a story out of lies!

If we all collectively report his videos to YouTube as False & Misleading, which they certainly are, we can hit him where it hurts, in his pocket!

Thank you all, take care.


Of course he went too far.
But i will not lower myself to his level by participating in something like this.
Sorry :heart:

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What is so wrong with suggesting that people who think he’s misleading the public should report him for it?


I think that this needs a better solution then that.
Perhaps Chico and Charles should have a conversation.
I would love to see that video.

The problem is that Chico will only continue down the rabbit hole with his hate is we mass report him.
So i want to see a better solution to this fight.

Don’t give Chico more fuel to his fire.

Charles offered Chico into the ring, I’d pay to see that video! :blush:

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You need to google the history between Chico and CH.

Is it that bad? :eyes:

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Chico Crypto Exposed!

This is GOLD!

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Yes :grimacing:

I do think you are taking the easy way out here @CreekWalker.

Here is a wonderful example of K-pop fans fighting racism with spam, admirable in itself imo.
I’m not saying it’s good, and I’m certainly concerned about the ramifications of such a “weapon” becoming rampant.

But what the folks here are suggesting is MUCH less violent. It’s the people, voting on if they feel someone is spreading the disease of misinformation.

If we don’t take a personal stance in these matters, and act on it, aspirations for distributivism are hopeless imho.


If you give an attention seeking individual (Chico) any attention either positive or negative they thrive on it. Retaliation is pointless because his words haven’t caused any harm. Giving away clicks and views does nothing to help Cardano. Acting like responsible adults and allowing people to have a different opinion than ours is far superior.

I grew up with “agree to disagree” so let him be wrong. Last thing you need is to try and create a martyr. You know who would be against reporting chico and violating his first amendment right to free speech? (no matter how wrong)

Charles Mother Fucking Hoskinson that’s who. Let be constructive instead of destructive and be the real change that crypto needs.


Yeah, don’t give the chicowiener any oxygen (or clicks).
If he has valid criticisms, let’s take them on board and improve ourselves, if not, ignore him and he’ll fade away. If people can’t think for themselves and believe his horseradishes, then that’s their problem.
Sometimes the best action to take is no action at all.


How is flagging him on Youtube giving him attention? There is no discussion, no platform, no option to see who did it. What’s he going to do? See this post and tell people Caradno hates him, what’s new?

  1. What Retaliation? That would suggest we are “attacking him back”. We are not. Merely reporting him to “authorities”.
  2. “Haven’t caused any harm?”, How on Earth? because he is just talking? Because he is lying and you know better already? He’s doing plenty of harm, namely to the space, and of course Cardano.

We are acting exactly like responsible adults would. And calling out someone on lying is not disagreeing, it’s calling them out. Saying that you disagree with a liar means you are giving their lies credibility.

When the other side’s “argument” is violent, or lacks good faith, it would be naive imo to think “agree to disagree” is a coping mechanism, let alone a solution.

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Last I checked we are suppose to have freedom of speech. He can say what he wants as long as it isn’t a call to violence. What is false ? He just disagrees with Charles taking PPP. Ease up on the cancel culture. And FYI - I own Ada, I just don’t believe in silencing those who speak ill of it.


He says Cardano is stealing from small businesses - in the headline.
You don’t find that libelous @magnetar?

How about just voting with your mouse clicks, and stop watching his videos. Who cares what Chico has to say. He will eventually be proven wrong and will lose any public credibility that he may have. He is destroying his own reputation and within 1 year we will all be saying “Chico Who”, because nobody is going to remember any of his ridiculous claims. And for those that do remember, they will be pissed off because they have missed out on one of the best project of 2020 and 2021. The cream always rises to the top and the fat to the bottom.


Thank you for your response, you do make a few good points however, the reality is, Chico goes way beyond criticising.

You said, “Retaliation is pointless because his words haven’t caused any harm”.

So okay, in this video , he expresses his dislike for Charles Hoskinson and the fact that IOHK benefited from the Paycheck Protection Programme (PPP); that’s just his opinion, he is entitled to that, we will disregard his motives.

In a previous video, he called Charles Hoskinson a liar and scammer, and went on to say that the delays in the development of the Cardano project was a part of Charles’s exit strategy.

The question I will ask is, do you consider the above allegations made by him to be potentially harmful to Charles’s reputation and/or the Cardano ecosystem, especially given the number of subscribers he has?

What he has said and done goes far beyond the boundaries of “Having a different opinion than ours”, it completes all the points-to-prove for Defamation.

Where I reside (UK), and many other countries including the US, Defamation is a Criminal Offence.

It is always good to hear another point of view.

Kind regards,



No I don’t because that is obviously hyperbole. He is referring to Cardano getting PPP while small businesses are not. Get over it and ease up on the cancel culture. Do you try to silence everyone you disagree with ?

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“Cardano” did not get PPP, IOHK did.

It’s a US listed company paying US taxes and entitled to benefit from any government scheme.

Neither Charles Hoskinson or IOHK are Cardano. Furthermore, you are still referring to the PPP video when my question was drawing attention to a previous one where he is making allegations of Fraud and calling Cardano a Scam!

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I do not. The worst I do is wear them out :confused: but I don’t mean to.
No, I’m just very familiar with the repercussions of hatespeech :frowning: .

I’m a big supporter of free speech, and I’d like to think so is @Decentrafied.
But free speech, like anything in a democracy, means you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt anybody. If there’s a chance you will, then we define conduct, and the UK Law is fine by me in this case, and says you cannot call someone a thief in public, unless they were convicted of stealing (I presume).
Because then you’d be destroying their reputation, and who knows, their livelihood, their life (of course it takes more than one occurrence, but that’s not the case here).

I hope you never experience defamation in your own life. If you did, I’m confident it would affect your views on this matter. :v: