We are the Defenders of Truth and Justice! On Chico Crypto!

What you describe is not free speech. Free speech includes hate speech. Simply calling someone a thief should not be grounds for defamation. A specific accusation, however, should have the option of being settled in court.
Journalism wouldn’t exist if speech was limited the way you want to. Stating that Trump doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes would be banned and he does try to sue anyone that says something negative about him.
Gee, thanks for hoping I experience defamation.
Your call to censorship is against the spirit of Cardano and crypto in general.

Gee, thanks for that little Cardano / IOHK distinction. So what if he called Charles a fraud ? How many times has Charles called Craig Wright a fraud ( which he is ) ? Should he not be allowed to do so ? Get out of your safe space bubble and put your big boy pants on. People say mean things.

You seem to have little regard for the truth @magnetar.
It’s not about who gets to say what to who, its about if what they say actually happened, and if they conduct themselves in good faith. It’s not about everyone getting to say anything.

In your reply you blatantly misquote me for attacking you -

I assume you think I was being sarcastic when I wrote what I did, but I genuinely wasn’t. I hope you never have to go through something like that.

Same as with Youtube, we are not shutting anybody up. We are only calling them out.
So please tell me, in your view, why shouldn’t I flag your post for misleading information, and let the admins decide if you were acting in good faith or not?

If it were up to me, I would hesitate and consider carefully when taking Chico down. I would warn him, explain, etc. Maybe just put a warning on his channel.

But calling him out on falsehoods? That’s just elevating the conversation.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke (I think)

The problem with today is, far often, good men stand by and do nothing!

My last words on the subject, I do value everyone’s point of view and appreciate the replies.



While i agree with you that we shouldnt censor or block any freespeech, i do not agree on mostly everything else. I mean just because we have some freedom it doesnt mean that we are allowed to do anything we want. If someone wants to hurt anyone else, do you just say “well we are free we can do what ever we want”? There are laws and Chico Crypto is clearly not respecting those with videos like that.

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“So please tell me, in your view, why shouldn’t I flag your post for misleading information, and let the admins decide if you were acting in good faith or not?”

So now you want to censor me because you don’t like what I say ? That’s just pathetic.

Calling people out is great. That is free speech. Shutting them down is not. Youtube can’t, and shouldn’t, police every video to determine if it is “truthful” or not. I don’t trust them to arbitrate such things and I don’t think they should even try. You believe in censorship, I don’t. Agree to disagree.

Thank you for your answer @magnetar.

That is a complete leap in logic. How do you jump from me defending speech to defending people inflicting physical harm on one another ?

I might have to flag you. It’s not about who gets to say what to whom.

You are falsely conflating opposition to censorship with doing nothing. There is plenty else.you can do.

I dont say you do that.

But what im trying to say is there are laws and this guy clearly breaks them with that what hes talking about. Because you arent allowed to call someone a cheater or scammer if this is not the case.

OMG, you are allowed to call somebody a cheater or scammer. There is no law stating you can’t. There is the 1st amendment defending your right to do so. I’m done with this thread.

That is exactly my point! “Free Speech” has it’s limitations!

What kind of society would we be living in if everyone went around saying anything about anyone without justification? We have Free Speech, but we also have laws to protect those that are adversely affected by those that think they can behave any way they choose under the banner of it.

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All fine and such.

You cannot make a line based on an individual believes of what is right or wrong.
Because each individual has his own preset for drawing lines.
Some lines are wide, some lines are narrow.
All are subject.
The only thing one can make a law for is, if anything can proven to be false accusation. THen it should have a form of punishment to it.

But anything beyond that should be free to say.
Freedom of speech own limititation will be human sensitivity which is in the domain of emotions which in essence is IRRATIONAL at best.

Why emotional are irrational at best is pure because you cannot activate them on COMMAND, by this definition it is irregular and hard to pin point. We cannot command our ‘emotions’ as we can with our thoughts. But knowing our emotions can affect our thoughts and also vice versa, you REALLY don’t want to start making laws from an emotional state or from a thought of state inflicted by a previous emotional charge.

What we can do is, broaden our sense of sensitivity or ‘taken offense’ and approach it with a live and let live attidude. At least, people can say what they want and express what they need to express.

IMAGINE a world where you can only express what is in line with what is CONFORM…Everything that is not in line is to be seen as HATE SPEECH. THat is the MOST DARK and DICTATORIAL SOCIETY you CAN CREATE on a PREMISE OF ‘JUSTICE’ PEACE’ LOVE. It is all fine, till you are on the other side of the line…You judge a society on how it treats it poor people and ENEMIES…because enemies are just a projection of a inner state of mind and emotions based on his or her own juridical system based on whatever one deemed to be good or bad…which is SUBJECTIVE

THe most intolerant PEOPLE are those who are the MOST tolerant in the end…it is the both extremes of the same coin. STUDY it and you will see ALL signs.

Those who think are tolerant, most of the time turn into the most suppressors of our time, history showed us time and time again.

[deleted my reply as I don’t want to continue this conversation. It has escalated a bit]