CIP-1694 in a Nutshell made by IOG in collaboration with ABLE pool

Hi everyone. I started working with the IOHK team since March 24 on the design of infographic diagram concerning the CIP-1694 and here is the result of the work of Jonathan Smith inspired by my original file (CIP-1694 in a nutshell). You can use it to enhance your workshop meetings.

And here is the (CIP-1694 bird eye’s series) in 5 parts.
Part :one:.
How are decisions made under CIP-1694?

Part :two:.
How do community members come to vote directly on governance actions?

Part :three:.
How do community members who don’t vote on actions still make their voices heard?

Part :four:.
What steps are involved in the voting process?

Part :five:.
What kind of actions can be proposed, and who votes on each?

And for those of the #CardanoCommunity who want more specifics on voting mechanisms.
(CIP-1694 voting)
Part :one:.
What happens after a governance action is proposed on chain?

Part :two:.
How do votes translate into specific governance outcomes for proposed actions?

Thank you very much to Tim Harrison, Kevin Hammond, Olga Hryniuk, Sabrina Begum, Addie Girouard, Agata Stasiuk and especially Jonathan Smith for his phenomenal infographic work. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. I will add the “all in one” version in the comments bellow.


Unfortunately, I can’t share the “all in one” diagram here because of its size. So, the document is available on our website: Voltaire | Able-pool
Look for the file name = CIP_1694_in_a_nutshell_IOHK_infographic_high_quality.png
You can also use the various translated versions of the updated document (cip-1694 commit 2023-05-15) available on the same link.

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This is great, @Hornan. Thanks for this interesting infographics!.. I would love to have access to the original editable material to translate all this information into Spanish and make it available to the Hispanic community.


This is brilliant work but at this time all we have available at this public web link (and the GitHub directory) is the one “from 2023-05-15 commit” which isn’t the same as the slides with human figures above. The UUIDs for the 05-15 version and new version are currently identical, so I’m guessing the new file wasn’t uploaded to the CDN as expected.


No, it is there. Its the 1 rst one above the list. The IOHK one.

We are already working on translating it in french,spanish,german,bulgarian,italian,portugues and japanese with other SPO collaborators. Be patient, i will make em available ASAP :smiley:.


Hi everyone, I’m adding the last modifyed version of the CIP-1694 diagram from the last commit. Have a good one. :smiley::+1:

  • added drepActivity protocol parameter.
  • added SPO vote on info governance actions.

CIP-1694 IOG infographic (Update 2023-07-18).pdf (156.7 KB)