Cncli-leaderlogs accuracy

Thanks zwirny, alexd. I was missing the ledger-state.json file. But, even after making sure the file is available in /root/scripts, it’s still not showing an assigned slot for epoch 301. I should see 1, since I minted one this epoch.

One note on ledger-state: I couldn’t add an argument for it to the cncli leaderlog command. It gives me an error if I include the --ledger-state parameter when running the cncli leaderlog command

error: Found argument '--ledger-state' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context
	Did you mean --ledger-set?

    cncli leaderlog --active-stake <active-stake> --byron-genesis <byron-genesis> --ledger-set <ledger-set> --pool-id <pool-id> --pool-stake <pool-stake> --pool-vrf-skey <pool-vrf-skey> --shelley-genesis <shelley-genesis>

So, I just made sure the ledger-state.json file is saved in /root/scripts.
Per cncli install guide, it shows this is an assumption. 5. that you dump the ledger-state.json in /root/scripts/

Here is the output I see. One thing that looks wrong is epochSlots. It shows 0. Is this meant to be the total slots in the epoch, which should be about 5 days* 24 hours* 60 mins* 60 secs?

root@vmi683311:~/scripts# ./ 
 2021-11-11T14:08:27.127Z WARN  cardano_ouroboros_network::protocols::chainsync > rollback to slot: 45073404
 2021-11-11T14:08:27.128Z INFO  cardano_ouroboros_network::protocols::chainsync > block 6487914 of 6487914, 100.00% synced
 2021-11-11T14:08:29.705Z INFO  cncli::nodeclient::sync                         > Exiting...
  "status": "ok",
  "epoch": 301,
  "epochNonce": "f5b2633269e0efb87760d029f39ceacb3a9e79c421afea4a77f49048afaa50ee",
  "epochSlots": 0,
  "epochSlotsIdeal": 0.19,
  "maxPerformance": 0,
  "poolId": "c22942e1b855136643d1e6e5a75266fb891d87727a8cbf06acd17208",
  "sigma": 8.737146313191815e-06,
  "activeStake": 208446510450,
  "totalActiveStake": 23857504839454980,
  "d": 0,
  "f": 0.05,
  "assignedSlots": []
`Epoch 301` 🧙🔮:
`WOOF  - 0 `🎰`,  0% `🍀max, `0.19` 🧱ideal

Can u check the steps from coincashew guide?

18.12 Slot Leader Schedule - Find out when your pool will mint blocks

epochSlots should give you the number of assigned blocks

There’s something wrong with your epochNonce. The value is wrong so you get all the rest wrong as well.

Hi Xpriens
Can you tell it’s wrong, b/c you are comparing that to your own output for the current epoch?

I’ve verified all the inputs used by cncli nonce command. My mainnet-byron-genesis.json and mainnet-shelley-genesis.json match the downloads from IOHK for the current build num. My cncli.db has synced 100%.

When I run the nonce command it matches what I see, when I run the leaderlog. I assume we are not using extra entropy, so I ignored that parameter.

root@vmi683311:~/scripts# cncli nonce --byron-genesis /home/cardano/cardano-my-node/mainnet-byron-genesis.json --shelley-genesis /home/cardano/cardano-my-node/mainnet-shelley-genesis.json --ledger-set current


I’m running same script and I see 0 for epochslots as well

This is what i have c0e8aa015de7703c6fbec6c85a0aafb0974082e1eb4808061ad2e5ef23a2fd62

You had a block as well but wasn’t showing when you run leaderlog?

Hi earncoinpool,
I’m expecting it to be 1, since I minted a block in epoch 301. 0 is probaby correct for your pool as I don’t see any minted blocks.

Just curious, wheat is the nonce value you see? Same as xpriens?


Weird, it should be what @Xpriens had. Are you using cncli v4.0.1 as well?

I used this project GitHub - asnakep/ReLeaderLogs: Cardano Stakepools: Check for scheduled blocks in current epoch. instead, which uses the BlockFrost API. I got the expected results for epoch 301. Notice that the nonce matches xpriens.

cardano@vmi683311:~/.local/bin$ ./ 

Current Epoch: 301

Nonce: c0e8aa015de7703c6fbec6c85a0aafb0974082e1eb4808061ad2e5ef23a2fd62

Network Active Stake: 23857504839,454979

Pool Active Stake: 208446,510450

Pool Sigma: 8.737146313191817e-06

Checking SlotLeader Schedules for Stakepool: WOOF

Pool ID: c22942e1b855136643d1e6e5a75266fb891d87727a8cbf06acd17208

Leader At Slot: 171583 - Local Time 2021-11-08 15:24:34 - Scheduled Epoch Blocks: 1
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Yes v 4.0.1

Sorry that was for the next epoch 302. For current 301 it’s
Which is the same as @Xpriens

So problem solved for the wrong results but why you get a wrong epochNonce?

Yeah, I’ll have to look into this later, but it’s very puzzling. It appears everything is correct on my end. I compared things to the coincashew guide as well. All of it looks good.

I’ll post back when I learn something.

Thanks all for the help!